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  1. quote: Originally posted by Andrew Bell@NNA: Isn't it done by layer, with later layers drawn on top of earlier ones? If so, you should be able to specify what's on top via layer order. You might also check into the render bitmap tool, which allows you to render to a bitmap which is a 2-D object and follows the standard stacking rules. When you render the drawings, with QD3D rendering, it seams to go through the 3D stuff first then draw the Projected 2D stuff on top it. Changing the order of the layers has no effect and nor does linking the layers in a different order. The "render bitmap tool" requires renderworks which we do not have
  2. I am trying to render simple block model on top of a site plan with all information for the site plan being projected using the layer link tool. Every time but only with a use the QD3d rendering the 2D objects are all ways drawn on top of the 3D model. Is there any way around this?


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