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  1. My firm is using 2012. We are all Mac users. All our hardware is Mac hardware. We have two servers in two separate offices operating a VPN. Here's what we'd like to do: We have a few files on the server that housing information such as symbol libraries, title blocks and other drawing standards, database files and libraries. We'd like to have these files stored on one server as "master files." Alternatively, we'd like each individual workstation to have these same files so they can be referenced/drawn from for individual projects. If the workstation is disconnected from the server for any reason (power outage, server maintenance, etc.) the workstation will still be able to produce. If the VectorWorks IT editor changes something in the master file, how can the individual files get updated automatically? We like a script that tells the workstation files, on daily shutdown, to ask the server files if they're still up to date. If not, then the workstation file should download and update any changes from the server files before completing the shutdown. This is different from Workgroup Referencing. Has anyone written code for something like this? pkhlsnewton


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