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  1. Its still not doing anything can anyone help?
  2. Hi there! i havent used renderworks in a while but ive just tried to do a relaistic interior final and its doing nothing. What am i doing wrong. Cheers Ali
  3. Hi Jim, i have sent it Cheers Alison Vectorworks 2012 windows 7
  4. Hi, normally the bar shows it doing something at the bottom but it just stays as a wireframe no activity at all. Im wondering is this because i have updated quick time as a message came up that it may not work with 2012 and may have to unitsall and reinstall the previous version? cheers
  5. Hi all, when i want to do a realistic interior render it will not do anything on any of the renderworks style. It will do a final quality but nothing with the others. help please Ali
  6. Hi Jim, i tried this and lost all the top bar except for File / Edit / Help i will try the next step cheers
  7. Hi all, my basic tool bar is missing so when i try and go to window - palette and click the basic tool bar it just wont load or the tool sets, all the other load but just not these. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but the program is not even located in the control panel but i can still work with vectorworks without these palette's? Weird vectorworks 2012 Ali
  8. Hi all, i am looking to strat render my first object and have little experince i renderworks but i have been using vectorworks for 8 years now, i am trying to do a table and i dont know where to start with the final realistic final its coming out too light and blurry. Ali
  9. Hi , i think you are allowed to sell, how much are you looking? i am looking for and old copy to practice rendering on Ali
  10. Hi Peter thank you Ali
  11. Hi, i am currently using fundamentals 2012 and with my old vectorworks 9 i could put my layers up and down in the organization box and cant seem to do it with this version if so how can i do it. Cheers Ali
  12. Can any one look at my model and see how can get the best of this model? Ive been working on it a while and i have no more time to fiddle around with the lighting, if you can help maybe i can email you the model vectorworks 2012 Ali
  13. HI all, i have a fairly newish machine with vectorworks 2012 and when i render and export a image it says the lack of memory and cannot export? i have sufficient memory and have reduced the image size and still the same Help please Ali
  14. Hi i am currently trying to use renderworks and i am having some trouble with the exposure, when i render the 3D object the lights seem too bright what can i do to change the settings Ali
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