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  1. I am currently having the same problem. Can someone send me this new file? P4 2.4ghz 1 gig ram 11.5.1 lw4.1.1
  2. I have a Designjet 120, which I believe is the baby brother to the 130. And while I don't have any problems, I do have some issues. The biggest one seems to be that documents with invisible or greyed layers won't print. Once you make all the layers visible it prints just fine.
  3. I am have 2 Macs and 2 PC's in a computer lab. Each machine has 3 general users. Administrator, Grad, and Undergrad. When I updated to 11.5 on the Macs only the Administrator account can run the application. Any help? PC's it works just fine.
  4. I had this same problem. I found the files on my laptop which I hadn't updated to 9.5. The files don't seem to be included in the updates.
  5. I use 2 monitors and I have to say it is the only way to go. What I have done is move the tool bar positions around so they are all on one side. I then stretch out my resources and Object info windows till the toolbars take up all of one screen.
  6. I am rendering a set and have added some lighting using the gobo projector tool. When I go to render, one of the lights won't turn on. If I then delete the light that didn't do anything, and insert another one the new light turns on but the old one turns off. By turn off I mean that it just doesn't show up as any light. The object window still says it is doing exactly what it is supposed to.
  7. Hey, anyone out there in Vector land have a Chandelier symbol? I really just don't want to draw one of my own. Mark
  8. I am running W2K on a PIII 260meg ram. When I shut down VW 9.0.1 lately (clicking on x in top right corner). I get a Runtime Error Program C:.....VectorWorks.exe abnormal program termination Any thoughts? It also happens when closing just a drawing and not the whole program. And I just tested, it also happens when selecting close from File.
  9. I upped my virtual memory by quite a bit and haven't had the error message today. I have been having problems with render Truss. I have created a drawing using the VW Spotlight 9.0.1 truss tool. I want to give the truss a texture but it would take it. I then did a ctrl+k Convert to Group. And was able to get the truss to then take a texture but VW would lock up when I tried to render. So its been a little frustrating. I am also can't get my drawing to print once it is rendered. I go to print it goes through the whole printing process (I see a little flash on my plotter) then I get a dialogue box that says this action will need to either rerender or go wireframe. At which point my plotter stops thinking.
  10. Kevin, When I use the Key function my symbols seem to be organized by the order I inserted them on to the plot. Is there any way to get them to be organized say alphabetically? (without editing the group)
  11. I am using VW Spotlight 9.0.1 on Windows 2000 P3 256 ram. I have also been getting the same error, "Some actions aborted due to the lack of memory......" Any ideas? quote: Originally posted by Matthew Giampapa: This update is only for the Macintosh version of RenderWorks. A .sit file is a Mac compression format similar to a .zip file. The problem that it addresses is not present in our Windows software. Matthew Giampapa Technical Support
  12. I downloaded the update and it shows up as a .sit file. Which I dont know how to use. I am using a PC Windows 2000. Is the update for Windows?
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