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  1. Sort of a newbie question after all these years working in VW :)


    What is the best way to keep track of changes in drawings in generally and specifically for furniture design?

    Like when you added an extra screw or something relatively small?


    I looked into the issue manager and the revision data.


    issue manager: works globally between all sheets, that's great. But editing/removing the info is on sheet by sheet basis if I`m correct?

    revision block: works only on 1 sheets and is not shown on other sheets if I`m correct?


    And is there a way to place something like a revision cloud with a connection to the revision block or issue manager. Sort of like the detail viewport so it has the revision number / issue number attached and shown and is editable and removeable when you click on it?



  2. I don't trust the deform tool. :)

    In this kind of cases I use the nurbs tools. You can reproduce this and make minor changes to the design without starting from scratch and ending up with a generic solid. 


    Not near a pc so I hope you can follow this:


    - draw several 3d loci that follow the pitch line and the circular path

    - draw a nurbs  curve through the loci

    - duplicate the nurbs curve and move into position in the z-axes

    - loft 2 the nurbs curves

    - shell the nurbs curves 18mm

  3. I`m trying to create a bill of materials for a table design.


    The idea was to create a worksheet to count all the symbols in the design (every part of the table is a symbol) and add a column to type a description for every symbol. But this doesnt seem to be possible. Is this correct?

    I want to add text in the blue part.


    If this is not possible:


    Probably attaching record is the way to go.

    Only me is told that i have to 'reload/replace' all the symbols on al the design layers to give it the record/info I attached to the symbol.

    Is there a way to attach the record to symbol and 'send' the information in it to all exciting symbols without replacing them?




  4. 47 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

    I hope its the modern equivalent to the "3D Power Pack" of tools that were added years ago :D


    (The Subdivision tool fills a great niche but it isn't designed for precision work. Its difficult to make objects that meets specific dimensional tolerances.... its a video game / animation modelling tool adapted to a CAD program to allow the creation of organic mesh shapes.)







    Agree completely!

    I use the 3d power pack almost at a daily basis.

    Subdivision tool is very cool, but not for precision work. I see it more as a tool for sketching.


  5. @JimWHaha :D, sorry it was not ment that way. Lots of things I don't know about VW

    What I tried to say that I think that C4D is better suited for this kind of work. (for example: for metals you can create 3 different speculars in the shader. As far as I know that's not possible with VW) 

  6. 1 hour ago, RussU said:

    I didn't realise that Renderworks could do a nice anisotopic highlight effect, to get the brushed effect so nice!

    Great demo. Very nice.


    The rendering are made in C4D, but now with the material link it should be possible with VW as swell.

    The renders I create are rendered with team render (1 MacBook, 2 pc`s) in C4d. Goal is to keep render times under 1 hour

    All the modeling is done in VW: Picture frames are made with Marionette. Lamps are created from scratch based on nurbs surfaces.


    1 hour ago, JimW said:


    Do you think a direct tutorial on getting different metal finishes as textures would be widely beneficial? I've been looking for a few more topics for Rendering content.


    It wouldn't for me. For this kind of scenes I always use C4D.

    I sort of know where every button is in C4D so its easier for me to do it there.

    And there are not as many options as there are in C4D, but I can be wrong about that.


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