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  1. 32 minutes ago, Jim Smith said:

    I agree Kevin, & I might add that like everything in Architecture Use drives everything. For example the Royal Ontario Museum added the  Carbuncle    Chrystal entrance & abandoned the old main entrance & made it chair storage. After a few years of use the old entrance has been quietly refurbished and users get to ignore the Carbuncle Chrystal if they choose - & they do.

    So file all of this under "be careful what you wish for".  I thought that when I saw the Multi View Panes this would be a vast improvement to my workflow. At first it was a huge pain (pun intended) until I customized my hot key back to unconstrained Dims. I use Multi View, sometimes; but it's not been the huge improvement I thought it would be. Would I go back to not having the option? I might if meant that I could have things like bringing back hot keys to align walls when they are replaced, or even little things like fixing the screen lag with rotated objects.  


    I used Google images to see what 'carbuncle' means,  such a bad idea in hindsight🤮

    But learned a new English word today 😂

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  2. Great help Pat! 

    The only thing i now have to look out for is that everything has the record attached, otherwise I`m missing parts in the BOM.


    I`m not finding 'concat' in the edit report dialog box in the section of columns and then searching in the functions? Is this correct?

  3. Hi guys,


    I`m doing allot of designs which need a BOM when they go in production.

    My setup of for that now is: all objects are symbols with an attached record. In this way I can count the amounts and get information about the materials and give them a brief description

    If I use a plugin object like a set screw from the fasteners palette I put them in a symbol and attach my own record to it with the chosen length and diameter manually.

    This is prone to error and double work because al this information is automatically attached to the plugin object by VW.


    My questions i hope you guys can help with:


    Is there anyway I can create a worksheets in which there  is column that uses my manually created records and the plugin record without the need of a column for each individual setting in the plugin object?


    Is it normal that you can not 'read' the hidden records from a plugin object inside a symbol like the length?





    Attached a simple file to illustrate what I`m looking for.










    test for bom.vwx

  4. 9 minutes ago, line-weight said:

    I think this is just another instance of the long-running 'black render' problem that has remained unfixed over several releases including 2019?



    Sometimes I experience the situation where the whole render goes black, sometimes more like what is described above where portions render as black. When it's just portions that render black, it often seems to be reflective (or transparent?) surfaces that are involved. I'll sometimes see it with windows, sometimes where I have a body of water. Solutions include if you are lucky, simply duplicating and re-rendering the viewport, or if you are less lucky, a requirement to completely reboot VW each time it happens.

    IMO i do not think this is the same thing, it this is a very persistent problem.

    A restart does not fix it and it is visible in the resourse browser as well.

  5. 1 hour ago, chris said:

    After seeing all the comments about Corona, I downloaded a trial version of C4D and the Corona plugin, and I am really impressed with how easy and quick it is to render. I've only played around for a couple of hours, but managed to do these renders which only took 15 mins to complete.



     It`s pretty amazing indeed, did some testing as well.

    A shame you cant buy a license, but that they have a subscription model.

    I read that in 2019 they are going to drop the beta version and change it to the subscription model.

  6. I'm doing some testing as well.

    Allot of materials have a bump texture, like the walls etc.

    My experience with Cinema 4d is that the bump takes allot of time when the render engine is doing the lighting calculations.

    I now removed them from the bump channel and changed the color setting to a noise texture so you get the nuance in color, but not the render times.

    The lighting calculations (interior 16 bounces) where done in 10 /12 minutes on my laptop.image.thumb.png.55274fa3cd8883215b5ff15afdb183ba.png

    In 21 minutes the render was as far as you can see in the picture.

  7. Just now, Jim Wilson said:

    Ahh I see now, much tougher. Especially defining a particular fillet since it curves in 3 axes, I'll poke at it some more and see what I get.


    Yeah I know, but when possible very nice.

    The way i did it now is through a detour. I would be beter if it was possible on the nurbs sufaces.

    I thought i was maybe possible with the fillet tool from 2d pallet. I thought it worked on nurbs curves as well, but not sure.

  8. Hi guys,


    A model question. How would you guys model these kind of chairs in Vectorworks.







    I looking for a workflow in which i can easily change the angles and curves without the need of modeling everything from scratch.

    In this case specific for the tubular wood and steel parts.

    EAP is of course a great tool, but the polyline is converted to a nurbs curve which is harder to edit.


    Any help appreciated!


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