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  1. Hi, If i use a transom in a window or make a custom window i dont get a good result. What am I doing wrong? In the top/plan view the detail in the transom 'option' is good, but in the custom sash option i dont get it that way? Thanks!
  2. And why cant vectorworks change the dimensions lines automaticlly when you dont use a 2d symbol? ` If you use a hybride symbol (2d + 3d) everything works great, but when you only use a 3d symbol the dimensions dont chains automaticlly anymore, grrrr...
  3. Im using hidden line, but if i use open gl or something else and check the box it makes no different...
  4. Hello! At the moment im working on a little house in vectorworks architect. Last day i discovered the possibility`s of section viewports for plans. You dont have to work with hybride symbols anymore, because every object gets his hatch or fill with this, yeeaah! But it doesnt show planar objects or dimensions in my viewport and it has nog button like 'normal' viewports: "diplay planar objects" Is it just not possible to see planar objects and dimensions in section viewports, or am i doing something wrong? I searched the interenet and saw some other people with the same problem, but never a solution? Can anybody please help?
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