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  1. I refferd to these, see attached files Dont have them in my vectorworks....
  2. What are the different buttons above the class palette? some i dont know, are ther new ones?
  3. Hope there are beter new features and more evolved features like windows and doors. Or hatches in elevations!
  4. Hi, Thanks for the help! Looks great! Can you elaborate about how you made it? For me te criteria in the worksheet are unclear ('location is within' and than al the numbers....?) and how you made the nurbs surfaces.
  5. For those who work with cinema as well, Release 14 is out! Funny to see that the new snapping looks a awful lot at vectorworks snapping system :-)
  6. Im looking into worksheets, pretty handy! I`m wondering if it possible to get the area (m2) of the walls of a room by using the space tool. Is it possible te get the m2 of all the walls of a living room or a bedroom? This would be very handy in my case... :-) Couldn`t find a proper way. Only the totals of all walls, but not by room.
  7. Hi guys, Is it possible to get the name of your symbols in your workssheet. I cant find the right function in the function dialog in worksheets. Hope you guys can help! Greets
  8. Im looking into worksheets ass well, pretty handy! This forum is a great support I`m wondering if it possible to get area of walls by using the space tool. Is it possible te get the m2 of all the walls of a living room or a bedroom? This would be very handy in my case... :-)
  9. Or create a section viewport on a new designlayer. Now you can draw over the viewport. From this sheet later you can create a viewport on a sheetlayer.
  10. Because they are planar object? Try to convert them to 3D-polygons maybe that helps?
  11. This should really be an option! Now you have to change your polgons and lines to 3D-poly`s to see them... it works but it is stupid.
  12. Hi all, Im creating a little house. For my plans i use horizontal section viewports. But the hatches are not working good in section viewports.... Anybody knows why? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I want to create a window as in the picture, but i dont know how? Do you guys have idea`s? The window can not be made in the window-tool because the windows turns to the inside instead of outside, and because of al the details. The main problem i cant get the detail of the brickwork with a self-made window symbol... (i work with horizontal section viewports in the sheetlayers for my plans, really dont want to use hybrid symbols) Thanks!
  14. Hi, I have a problem. When I draw a wall in my template file my hatches dont work properly. But if i copy the wall to an other template file there is not a problem. Does anyone why this happens??? Thanks! Bas
  15. I have send a bug submit about the 2 bugs. I hope i gets sorted out i have added the two bugs here as well
  16. Im using the US/Int English version
  17. Nobody? Because of my bad english :-) ?
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