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  1. http://architosh.com/2013/10/nemetschek-ag-names-graphisoft-and-vectorworks-ceos-to-executive-board/ Probellay a good thing...
  2. Lets hope that with the shift to VGM the core of vectorworks on the graphic site is up-to-date and that the implementation of 3d hatches is near and that they now have enough resources free to develop better and complete BIM-tools. Starting with the wish list on needle and mortar...
  3. It`s a shame they didn`t made BIM better, but: The tapper face tool and twist tool are really cool and make me wonder what other kind of great stuff they are developing. A friend of mine who does everything in SU was really impressed with these futures
  4. Imagine putting several different profiles/symbols with different classes in the same eap, while everything is a symbol. then we are able to create in a simple way more complex objects like: floors, roofs with components and the gutter etc. roads with sidewalks. It would become so easy to create and edit...
  5. Its has to do with the length of the eap's and the amount of controlpoints of the path as well. I had a situation with the same problem, not as extreme but very noticeable as well.
  6. Is not possible... Its a problem with the 'core' of Vectorworks and how it visualizes NURBS-curves. You can`t get it smoother... Had the same problem with eap, and asked at Vectorworks what to do. They said that you have to export the geometry and import it in Cinema4d. -export as IGS -import in cinema4d -import with a certains amount of U`s and V`s -Export as DXF -Import in Vectorworks.... Or you can reduce the controlpoint or split the different parts up in even more parts.... :sick:
  7. I changend the xml-file. In new files it is working fine but in existing ones not... what to do?...
  8. http://www.theverge.com/2013/6/10/4412350/apple-new-mac-pro-wwdc-2013
  9. review of allplan: http://www.aecbytes.com/review/2013/Allplan2013.html
  10. Not using a wall recess, but you kan make a new symbol with the correct walk hole and correct 2d representation?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I have adobe x, with this version it is still possible to import u3d and prc file. Would be very handy to export directly to pdf 3d, maybe something for on the wishlist?
  12. Hi all, Is there a way to convert vectorworks files to .u3d or .prc This would be very handy for importing 3d models in to PDF`s to share with clients. Thanks!
  13. This can maybe help: http://www.vectorworks.net/training/getting-started-guides/architect/index.html
  14. Its a problem of the display-technologie in vectorworks. It cant display the geometrie the right way I am told thats its on the list to get replaced with a better solution (other pi?ce of software), but they couldnt give me a timespan.
  15. http://m.facebook.com/VectorworksBenelux.NL?id=194295643937615&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.nl%2Fsearch&_rdr The Benelux version of vectorworks looks to have a great new window tool, i want this :-(
  16. Thats not much , is there somewhere the complete press release?
  17. http://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=463336653700178&id=194295643937615&set=a.254547577912421.70174.194295643937615&refid=17 Teaser on the Dutch vectorworks Facebook Curious how its made
  18. There is a 'new'one about the clip cube feature, looks nice. In the menu you can see "start batch render"....
  19. Can you guys post some screen post? Or a video of the video, haha. Have vss as well, but havent recieved the inlog information..... Very curious about the video's
  20. Totally not. After seeing the video over and over again, because I was very excited, I'm again dissapointed, and here's why: In the video, Cris is saying that it's a plug-in object with 3D objects in it and that the only thing the plug-in object does is creating the 2D part of the 3D objects. This means that it isn't like symbols at all, which I though it was at first. This means no worksheet data like symbols, no usage like symbols, no usage in walls like symbols, no extra data, no linking between text and data, no IFC data, ... This had to be a feature they needed to make part of the symbol object that already exists, not a new plug-in. Although you could use this plug-in inside a symbol, you can't change the height of the section plane symbol per symbol, so at the end, it only makes our life just a little bit easier because we don't need to draw the 2D part, if we can get good results of course. This is yet another example of the many many features that are getting introduced into VW half-baked, and never to work on it again untill they find another half-baked feature to replace it. Anyone remember wall recesses? (A functionality that is easier and better done with symbols, except the height changing for the 2D part) If only NVW would throw that and this auto hybrid togheter then put it in the symbol object, then we would have a great feature! And only a symbol object, instead of 3 kind of objects that only does some parts that are meant to be togheter. Also the use of this will be very very minimal in architecture. Can you elaborate about why it isnt useful when you make a symbol of it?
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