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  1. In my case i do this because I design allot of products / furniture. For example: when i design a table with a wooden table top I create part symbols and assembly symbols. Each part, in this case a screw, piece of folded sheet metal, a wooden table top, etc, gets his own part-symbol (P_01, P_02, P_02) Each assembly gets his own symbol as well: main assembly > A_01, sub assembly > A_02, A_03, A_... etc. Al these individual part-symbols and assembly-symbols have there own individual design layer, and there own individual sheet layer that all correspond with the symbol name. The separate design layers are needed to be able to create sheet layers with views of each specific part or assembly. I would be amazing to just be able to drag-and-drop symbols on sheet layers for the creation of viewports (left, right, top, bottom, back, isometric, perspective)
  2. If u use the compose command (modify menu > compose) you get one nurbs curve, then create a nurbs surface from that (model menu > 3d power pack > create nurbs surface). A nurbs surface can be shelled (3d tools in pallete) This will give you an extruded nurbs 🙂
  3. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/2020 A shame that the window and door tools are still lacking, but the history based modeling tools are going to make 3D-modeling so much easier and faster. This will have a big positive impact on my workflow!
  4. Is this possible for DLVP that refers to another layer in the same file as well? In my case there is no reference file.
  5. Hi all, When working on design proposals I make extensive use of design layer viewports. This is great for the creation of different options, styles and colors. Now to my question: Is it possible to 'import' the geometry shown through the DLVP on the layer where the DLVP is on, like an ungroup/decompose or an old fashioned autocad explode 😉 ?
  6. It happend to me when is changed the staking order in the navigation pallette as well.
  7. A disclaimer that I do not work with the localized version, so no personal experience with it. I use the international version, but the grass seems pretty green in Belgian and Holland.
  8. @elepp and @drelARCH If you not already did please vote this wish up like Christiaan said. Thanks!
  9. I shared this before but the Belgian / Dutch version has a nice combined door and window tool with allot possibilities. Maybe VW can find some inspiration in this tool 🙂 Ability to combine doors and windows and change the type of door an window for each section individually: Ability create all kind of (overhead)doors: All kind of sliding doors and the ability to change how the different sections slide. The most common wall details correctly drawn in 2d and 3d. This is possible for the horizontal en vertical sections:
  10. Ahhhh, can we please have this text in the help file of Vectorworks 😉 @Luis M Ruiz 🙂 In C4D this is the progressive mode I think.
  11. Yes indeed, explanation in help is a bit cryptic in my opinion (but English is not my native langue)
  12. @fabrica never used or really saw that button. No idea how to use it 😂 Please enlighten me.
  13. For me the ideal workflow would be: import the furniture item into a fresh file (so my working file does not get 'dirty' of all the imported symbols, textures, geometry, etc) able to force all symbols and geometry to a specific class of my working file (even geometry/symbols in nested symbols), in my case 'aankleding'. able to force all geometry to a specific texture that is not linked to a class (even nested geometry) (I do not want to maintain 40 different classes for all the different furniture items/colors/fabrics I imported, they should be a in generic class, like 'seating', 'kitchen' or 'furniture') exploded al nested symbols in the 'master'/top-symbol so my working file doesnt get twenty new symbols. if needed change some texture through editing the symbol. if needed clean up some geometry. import the clean symbol in my working file. Step 2 / 3 / 4 are as far as I know not possible.
  14. @Markvl Dankjewel! 😉 @cberg Attached a zip-file with al the settings. Because image effects are not recourses (as far is I know) I attached a 'print screen' in the file. lighting setup 2019.zip
  15. So I thought to share some new renderings I made for another interior project we are working on. In render style it is pretty the same as the last one I shared. It is good to see that for the sketch fase you can do the whole process in Vectorworks. For the next fase i would probally go to C4D > corona. The render quality in VW is kept pretty low (lighting / textures / blurriness) and there is not allot of editing of details and textures, but the sketch lines masks this 'lack' pretty well. Overal I`m very pleased with the time it took to create the renderings and the time it costs to render them (lighting/textures in 2 a 3 minutes, sketch lines around 10 min what I thinks is a bit to long). Especially pleased with the custom cabinet plugin for creating quick and dirty cabinets in just a few clicks. Importing the furniture cost the most time because of putting everything in the right classes, and give them a 'okay' texture etc. If you guys have a good and fast workflow for this I would love to hear it. About the design: It`s a new house being build as we speak where the owners asked for some interior ideas for the now combined kitchen and living. We made three options. All included a new separation between the living and kitchen area so there is the possibilities to use the rooms at the same time for different activities (studying in kitchen and gaming in the living room for example).
  16. The object I want to model is less 'mirrored' then it seems, so I would like to do it without mirroring. Bridging the object works, only it seems that the bridges flips over to the other corner in this case so you get this strange cross you see in the screen cap above.
  17. Okay so I found a way to do it by composing the two subdivision object (1: select objects 2: modify menu 3: compose command) Now I run in to this problem when bridging the gaps: Is there a easy way to solve this?
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