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  1. It would be great to have a tool that combines these two. In multiple extrude its handy that you have the editing history with the different sections, but you cant say on wich height you want to have the different sections. This is possible in loft nurbs, but you dont have the editing history. Lets combine!
  2. Hi Jim, That sounds great! Please keep the editing history available in these new features so it doesn't become a general solid. One of the things in Vectorworks i really like is that you can go back in al the history and it makes it easy to fine-tune it. Do you know why i cant work properly in 3d with this file? Is my graphics card to old?
  3. Why cant surface array not have the same intuitive way of creating as tiles?
  4. Thank you Benson. Its the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane church in Rome from Francesco Borromini. I was really impressed by the proportions of the church and it is so easy on the eye.
  5. And the little church it is based on
  6. Hi, Been to Rome 2 weeks ago and saw there a beautiful little church with a beautiful dome. At the moment I'm trying to recreate the dome with the surface array tool. But this is not so easy as I thought. Surface array does some weird things. 1: If I have planar object inside the surface array and I extrude them in the "edit array items" command then the object aren't visible in open gl, only wireframe. I have to restart Vectorworks to make them visible. (I use this workflow to keep the model easy to handle when I'm changing al the parameter's in the OIP. If I start with 3d geometry the computer has to 'think' a lot) 2:unwanted overlapping geometry in 2d and 3d at the starting point of the circle where the dome is based on. SOLVED: changed the repetition mode to numbers instead of fixed distance. 3:unwanted visible geometry in opengl and fast renderworks. Hiddenline and wireframe are fine 4 trim of 2d and 3d geometry: - turned of classes vissible - unwanted geometry from the turned of classes - unwanted holes - etc. THE FILE: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=32CFE4BC519E6AD2!5955&authkey=!AMp6tJ3cFvL72-g&ithint=file%2c.vwx
  7. I would be really helpfull to have the possibility to snap to the edges and endpoints of geometry that are 'cut' with the clib cube. If this is possible you can draw a 2d section live, or align something to the cut geometry, like a working plane.
  8. At the moment working with the different duplicate modes. This could have a overhaul. Could the different duplcate modes be interactive like surface array?: -possibilty to change/edit the array item -possibilty to select a object (urface/line/nurbs/extrusion/etc.) to array over -array several different object/symbols at the same time (bit like the tile resource but then creating real geometry) -possibility to resize a object/symbol in duplicate along path mode -possibility to rotate a object/symbol in duplicate along path mode -possibility to random array items/symbol over a surface/line/nurbs/extrusion/etc. -possibility to random resize items/symbol over a surface/line/nurbs/extrusion/etc. - scale object/symbols when the are closer to a certain object like a 3d locus but keeping the pattern. Mograph from Cinema 4D is a good example of certain possibilties that could be useful for Vectorworks as well. Examples of things this could be usefull for: - duplicate tables in a interior without having to rotate every table to make it look random - plant and threes in 2d/3d to give them a more natural look. - creating islamic inspired patterns. - etc.
  9. Thanks for the tip! Would love to see everthing out of this topic in Vectoroworks. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=195969&Searchpage=2&Main=38106&Words=nurbs&Search=true#Post195969 I would be great if the loft tools worked like in C4D
  10. I want it to stay 1 nurbs Surface so i can use it in a surface array. (Its a shame you cant use several nurbs sarfaces in a array.)
  11. What is the difference in use between these two? And why does een birail sweep create 2 separate nurbs surfaces? Is it possible to combine these 2 nurbs surfaces so its possible make it part of a surface array? (because its not possible two add 2 base surfaces in a array)
  12. The looks of your drawings are great! I think a lot of people can learn from it because of the scale of the project Would love to see more?
  13. It looks like that he joined Nemetschek Vectorworks full-time as a developer. Lets hope that we get a fully developed node-based system in 2015
  14. And maybe the possibilty to rotate your model while you select edeges for fillet and chamfer?
  15. bump and +1 please make the fillet and chamfer part of the editing history with the possibilty to select or deselect edges.
  16. Thanks for the help Benson and the clear explination! I tried the cheater approach, but somenthing went wrong. I only saw in wireframe the nurbscurves, in open gl there was nothing. I will give it another try. I dicovered the combine tool. Its great that it makes fluid transitions between two different nurbssurfaces. Really nice and easy. Its a pitty that the push/pull tool and the normale extrude doesnt Worms on nurbes, do hou know why that is?
  17. Next try, i bit more extreme form. Cant get it to shell with something like 100mm Included the file with the curves Is this not possible because in real life such a form is not possible? Trying to understand nurbses in Vectorworks
  18. Tryed it like Benson. That works fine, but it`s strange that the other way doesnt work? Maybe has Jim an answer on why this doenst works? Included the file with the curves. Changing the direction of the curves doesnt work as wel if you want to shell a nurbs surface that is created by 'create surface from curves'
  19. Hi, I tryed to shell this nurbs surface but it doesn`t work. Why is that? I made the nurbs surface of 2 nurbs curves and then the command: 'create surface from curves' Thanks!
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