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  1. I have seen this as well. Not clear when it happens.
  2. Then you get group of 3 nurbs surfaces. I never succeeded to create 1 nurbs surface out of separate ones. Compose never worked and the combine tool I never got too do what I wanted. But today I got it too work - render mode: open gl (in wireframe its not possible because you cant select the sides that are lying on each other) - select combine tool - select dual object combine mode - select faces to combine - use tangency matching mode - result 1 nurbs surface Im happy!
  3. Thanks! No i want to surface array the outside of the bath. How get i 1 nurbs surface so i can use that as a base surface?
  4. Hi Jim, Can get the same shape, wondering what im doing wrong...? Can you post your file of the bath so i can see? Thanks
  5. Really happy with the new possibilties like sketch-up import and the new 3d tools, wel done!
  6. Very very happy with VW 2015! The changes in the OIP take some thinking of VW/laptop but then i runs very smooth! Speed of the viewport is like 10-times better
  7. If you're using the English version of Vectorworks there, it should go live for you today. If you are using a localized language copy, you will have to check with your local distributor for launch details, they all have different plans. More or less correct. The "English copy" isn't the "English copy" around the world. Once everything is ready, as a VSS member you will receive an email inviting you to download your serial and VW 2015 software. It's no use going to the portal before receiving that email. Please: DO get your 2015 serial number too (there's a button to do that). You CANNOT install VW 2015 with your VW 2014 serial number. Ok, clear! Patiently waiting..... outlook > F9 > F9 > F9
  8. And the serviceselect website is down.... :)Its up again I tried to download the Vectorworks 2015 but i got 2014. Is that because im from Holland?
  9. Jim, just curious, after 64 bit, what do you think is the best new feature and why?
  10. 1 Maybe changes to nurbs curves / surfaces and the loft tools? 2 does the clip cube now show caps on the cutting plane, or snap too the cutting plane? 3 separate class options for the opacity of the fill and the opacity of the line?
  11. 1 Any changes to 3d chamfer or 3d fillet? Maybe an editing history? 2 Changes to nurbs curves / surfaces and the loft tools? 3 can you use the clip cube with and show caps on the cutting plane, or snap too the cutting plane?
  12. Great! thanks! Why no windows apps? Please make one In my opinion a very solid platform that works really well together (phone <> tablet <> comp)
  13. A 'few' questions, haha: - Is it possible to bound a wall between the 1st and 4th floor and put windows in al floors? - is the model history intact with the different new model tools? - can you elaborate on the 3D app, is there a app coming for the Surface/windows 8? Only open gl or hiddenline too? - can you elaborate on the remote app, is it on surface/windows 8? (will it be on windows 9 ;-)What can a specific use be? - no changes in the layer plane / screen plane stuff? - the third mode/icon of the new model tools is not mentioned in the video, what is it? - 3d hatches is part of renderworks and needs rendering? - can you ungroup 3d hatches so you get al the lines? - do textures of sketch up import as well? - can you create a gradient that is transparent at one side and goes to solid at the other side?
  14. Jim can you give some more insight in the different new commands and changes?
  15. At first sight this looks awesome! But no materials ? If vectorworks works as slick as the movie looks then everyone is happy!
  16. Hi Jim, will surface array work more fluent because of the bigger amount of memory it can use? See this thread as well: https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=199993#Post199993
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