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  1. Maybe this is wished for before: It would be very helpful if you could offset a nurbscurve to both sides equally. Now it offset to one side and if you use the nurbscurve as an centerline for new geometry then you have to do some extra steps to center it again.
  2. +1 Plus a mode where you can select specific lines in the annotation viewport and delete/hide them. A lot of times there are lines that i dont need or want.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have experience with export from VW to Solid Edge to create sheet-metal parts? I'm desiging a frame for a dinning table, relatively simple, just two bends. The company I send the .stp file to said that the thickness of the parts is not they same everywhere. It should be 3mm but they say its 2.88mm 2.87mm on some spots. Anybody any experience with this? Importing it in solidworks by a colleague went well and every thing was as intended. BV
  4. Nice to see that it works! Curious why you have to split the object, maybe Jim can give some feedback on that? I tried to make more then two bends, but that wasn't possible.
  5. Thanks for al the trips and tricks! I want to do it with the bend tool so I can see what happens if I use a perforated sheet of metal with the exact placement of the wholes etc. In this way, by using the bend tool, its pretty close to the real thing I suppose. And relatively ease to make different iterations with different patterns and see the result.
  6. Hi, Trying to use the deform >bend tool, but not getting it to work as I want too. What I try is to let an extrude 'follow' a rounded rectangle, but im not getting it. Anybody any idea how to do this with the bendmode? Thanks!
  7. Maybe the project tool with the third mode selected does what you want? http://app-help.nemetschek.net/2015/NNA/eng/VW2015_Guide/Shapes2/Project_and_Add.htm Good luck! Bas
  8. Would love to have the possibility to use one of the fillet edge tool on nurbs surfaces. - fillet two separate nurbs surfaces and make them in one nurbs surface - fillet the corners of 1 nurbs surface so it gets a rounded corner looking a bit further there seems to be allot of different tools to fillet, join and connect/combine. It looks to me this can be more intuitive Now we have: - 2D fillet tool - 3d fillet edge tool - connect/combine tool (works 2d and 3d)(tool that I don't use allot because very often it doesn't seem to work and I its unclear why, especially on nurbs surfaces) - create fillet surface (3d power pack)
  9. Often I create a new class by right clicking on the masterclass or a class in the masterclass in the navigation palette. I do this because I want to create a class in the masterclass I would be very handy if the name of the masterclass was already filled in the next dialog box, and you only have to fill in the name of the class you want to create. Like: Class - part - material table - leg - wood If want to create a metal leg is should automatically put in the dialogbox > table - leg - (empty) > I can then fill in the blank space and don't have to worry if I did the blank spaces right :-) (But there still should be a possibility to create a complete new class without a automatically filled in dialog box)
  10. +1(!) And make it please possible to unfold nurbs surfaces as one poly instead of several that you have to puzzele back together
  11. If im right its Siemens NX and I thought its also based on parasolid :-) so... ;-)
  12. Would love to have this kind of interactive modeling in Vectorworks for nurbs surfaces and other things: fillets, chamfers, shells, loft surface, etc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blend1a.gif With the ability to keep the editing history please :-)
  13. Wish: Possibilty to shear objects in 3D by selecting a face and the possibility to move this face around while keeping the rest of the geometry intact/attached
  14. Is it possible to get the measurement from a 3d object in a worksheet? For instance I want to create a closet and want to get all the different measurements of the different parts in a worksheet. Would that be possible? And does the orientation of the geometry matters?
  15. Hi Wes, How do you continue this around corners?
  16. Is grasshopper from Rhino a good comparison? Would love to have that with a bit simpler workflow. Rhino you really have to study, so many options, its not something you can learn in a day, is my experience.
  17. That sounds good, is it something for the near future or light years away?
  18. Can anybody else try/confirm this. It always crashes when I do this: 1 draw a circle 2 extrude the circle 3 extract a nurbs surface (the cylinder) 4 run the surface array command 5 crash/spinning wheel...
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