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  1. I would like to have to ability to move groups in perspective view and change X- Y- Z-values in the OIP. As well the scale factor I would be great to have the same options as for symbols And maybe something like in picture 2 is possible? Vectorworks could use out most left, middle, center etc. for placement. So placement is not directly related to the geometry but the bounding box of the grouped obects
  2. Im not behind my computer / VW at the moment, so I will try to explain it... Vectorworks is pretty intuitive, but has a lot of options and different ways of creating and organizing things. At first this can seem to be counter productive / less intuitive, but it gives you a lot of freedom to create your designs in your own way and that's a part of the 'power' of VW. First a general thing: 3 polygons, I never use them. If I`m correct they are a part of vectorworks because its part of other 3d packages. Not because its the best way to model things in VW. But your question: I think I know why your extrude isn't going in the right direction. In VW you can draw 2d objects on the screen plane, layer plane, or an other working plane. At first this seems a bit odd, but when you get the hang of it it becomes a powerful tool. Screen plane is only for 2d drawings and always 'glued' to your screen. Before you draw a rectangle you can change on which plane you draw: Lets try something: - Go to a front view - set the working plane to layer plane - draw a 2d rectangle - extrude the rectangle with the push pull tool or ctrl-E If I'm correct the object is now extruded in the correct direction. Hereby some in-depth info: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2015/NNA/eng/index.htm#t=VW2015_Guide%2FViews%2FUnderstanding_the_Working_Plane.htm&rhsearch=working%20plane%20&rhhlterm=working%20plane%20&rhsyns=%20 http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2015/NNA/eng/index.htm#t=VW2015_Guide%2FViews%2FThe_Active_Planes_List.htm%23XREF_60864_The_Active_Planes&rhsearch=working%20plane%20&rhsyns=%20 http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2015/NNA/eng/index.htm#t=VW2015_Guide%2FObjects_edit2%2FExtruding_Objects.htm&rhsearch=extrude&rhhlterm=extrude&rhsyns=%20 Hope this helps a bit.
  3. Maybe this can help? http://www.vectorworks.net/getting-started-guides/fundamentals/Gsg-2015-f02-concrete-base-and-bowl Otherwise: - If you have the rectangle selected use the key combination crtl-e. - or use the push-pull tool from the workpallete another video
  4. If the radius of the fillet at the bottom is smaller then 40, lets say 35, then the unfold works fine. Maybe the problem is that fillet goes over the 'corner' of the object / goes over a surface that isn't flat?
  5. Thanks for the link! Its probally going to be an other solution, a bit stronger. But im putting the website in my favorites
  6. I will send an email to you where you can see it step by step. Its not the same object, but precisely the same workflow.
  7. Ok so I did some further testing. If I 'remove' the fillets from the object and then subtract the faces and unfold them everything is working fine.
  8. Thanks for checking and submitting! Made a kind of similar kind of object and unfolded that, then it was not a problem. If somebody knows a quick solution so i can extract the surfaces and unfold them... Otherwise i have to recreate everything and thats a bit of a hassle..
  9. Hi, I'm trying to unfold a metal part/nurbs surface, but the result is not what it should be. Anybody an idea what's going wrong?
  10. Probably easier to just recreate/trace the tower and make some symbols of the different parts and copy those around with the move by point tool I made a little start, 10 min work. Should be do able in hour or so to build the complete tower (but maybe I'm missing something and you have to use the imported geometry?)
  11. I cant find these in the fastners palette. Does VW have them? http://vikmetiz.ru/published/publicdata/VIKMETI9METIZ/attachments/SC/misc_pictures/7965_.jpg
  12. http://www.vectorworks.net/getting-started-guides/architect It has some good video`s and tutorials on how to use VW
  13. Thanks Jim! Really looking forward to use all those new tools!
  14. That looks reallllllyy good! Very exciting! Subdiv. tool: How things rotate in the subdivision tool is that how you can rotate all objects now? It seems to work how cinema4d works, more intuitive. The roof in the subdivision tool movie, how does it get thickness? Really curious how the holes are made in the cone-like stucture. By hand or scripted or ...? The same for the wall. Im already thinking how i create drawings from every separate part, and what happens if the client ask to changes a curve a bit. Do i have to redraw everything or can i script/automate it? Everthing can be snapped on? Things can be part of auto-hybrid? Questions questions questions.... But it really looks great, VW is doing a good job the last releases. Hope there are allot of improvements on the architecturetools as well.....
  15. It would be a good timesaver if it was possible to change names of things with the f2-button, Like in windows when you want to rename a item or folder you select that, push f2 and change the name. Navigationwindow: - with F2-button change the name of a class or layer - with F2-button change scale - with F2-button changestacking order - with F2-button changeviewport name - etc OIP: - with F2-button change classname - with F2-button layername - adding right-mouse click to edit that specific layer or class
  16. +1 for selectable +1 for each child editable +1 turn child off All these actions should be real-time visual on the geometry in the viewport, rather not something with an update button. Maybe i get a bit enthusiastic... but i would be so great to work more interactive/real-time instead to copy paste all the different design options you want to check. Would it be possible to have this for: - push pull tool (go back to the primary solid) - extrude tool(ability to select the primary shape (rectangle/polyline/circle/etc.) and edit the OIP parameters in the tree) - taper face tool (go back to the primary solid) - deform tool (go back to the primary solid) - fillet edge tool (ability to change the selected faces/sides) - chamfer tool (ability to edit/change the selected faces/sides) - shell solid (ability to edit the selected faces) - loft surface (ability to change/edit the nurbs curves) - create contours - create fillet surface (ability to edit/change the selected faces/sides) - sweep (ability to select the primary shapes (rectangle/polyline/circle/etc.) and edit the OIP parameters in the tree) - extrude along path (ability to select the path and profile and edit the OIP parameters in the tree)
  17. +10000 for the parent child tree solidworks has it as well, pretty handy
  18. Anybody any experience with all-in-ones from Dell or Lenovo or other systems? Looking for in the near future for something like that. Imac`s are gorgeous to see, but i`m more a Windows guy (Phone/tablet/etc.) Would love to have a 27'sreen. http://www.dell.com/nl/p/xps-27-2720-aio/pd?oc=cdx7210 http://shop.lenovo.com/nl/nl/desktops/lenovo/a-series/a740/
  19. I hope it is possible 1. to make quick preference for: - show vertices - show normal - show direction And make it available as an button in the tool bar. It would be useful if this was stored as an Vectorworks preference 2. It would be very helpful if there was a possibility to automatic align normals in the create fillet surface menu. Allot of times I get the 'fillet surface could not be created' window because I mirrored a surface and by doing that the normals aren't aligned anymore. 3. able to use the connect/combine tool on trimmed nurbs surfaces 4. The possibility to align the normals to the same side when using the shell solid tool (so that the nurbs surfaces extrude to the same side) 5. ability to change several 3D poly`s or polygon's at once to nurbs surfaces instead of one by one.
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