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  1. Not having VW nearby, but what I would try: - Draw from the center of the quadrant in a side view 1 line that follows the wanted slopes of the 'bowl' and the flat outer parts - the line has to be longer then the quadrant and the 'square' its a part of. - sweep the line 360 deg - shell it downwards - subtract the unwanted geometry (with this step you make the slab rectangular instead of round) - substract all the unwanted parts - create a symbol - rotate duplicate 3 times - add all the symbols in one solid addition - changes needed to the model? added the symbol, 'open' and 'close' the solid addition and you are done
  2. 0 shortcut 4 for rectangle 1 draw 1 rectangle 2 shortcut: ctrl + alt + k > nurbs surface 3 mirror tool: duplicate mode, just a random angle 4 reverse normal in OIP 5 try to change views with the numpad > not working Above are all the clicks/steps i use, so no extra clicking anyware on the screen involved. (i thought somewhere in office 2010 you can create screen vids, but couldnt find it so fast)
  3. I kept the originals and just used the mirror tool duplicate mode
  4. For me this doesn't work as well, duplicate mirror > reverse normal > cant change views with the numpad
  5. (though I think something similar has been requested before, last year, though I'm not sure if it was exactly the same request) That's probably correct, but last night I had to change the diameter of a subtraction in 4 different related designs with in every design several holes for the same sized fasteners. If I was able to do this with just 2 clicks I would have save me allot of time and double checking if I didn't miss something. So I thought: "I need this!" Couldn't find the related thread/wish
  6. - Draw 2 rectangles - convert them to nurbs surfaces - mirror the surfaces with the mirror tool - reverse the direction of the normals of the selected geometry - try to change views with your numpad > not possible I think this is not intended/bug? Can somebody verify this? (wish: normals don't change sides with mirroring. I don't know a situation when you would want this)
  7. It is possible to use a symbol for an substraction. (for example an extruded circle that I use several times in different parts of the model where I need a hole for a bolt) It would be very helpful if you change the substraction symbol that you get an dialog box which asks if you want to update al object that use this symbol as an substraction.
  8. Please some nurbs surface and curve/loft/sweep/trim/compose/decompose/edit updates. Would love to see the functionality of 3d power pack and all the nurbs tools brought to 2017 standards
  9. 1: I would be very helpful if it is possible to rotate a fasteners/screws/nuts etc in vertical orientation in the OIP as well. At the moment you can only change the horizontal orientation/rotation. 2: When you place a fastener/screw/nut the nut 'hoovers' under your mouse and you can rotate it only in a horizontal orientation. It would be very helpful that the first click confirms the horizontal orientation and an extra second click the vertical orientation.
  10. Ha, didn't know that! Bit of an odd 'mode', if you give the corner of a cutout a radius/arc instead of a bezier curve the object doesn't remember that, it change the arc radius to a bezier
  11. Makes me wonder why VW cant do this, what's the difference between both, its 'just' math right? And what makes that the surface wrap as it does? Not to bash VW, but just wondering. Really hope there are coming improvements to the nurbs part of VW. Using it allot last year for furniture made from sheet-metal.
  12. Maybe this is not a mathematical good solution, but it worked so maybe its helps?
  13. In groups, symbols, extrusions, substractions, etc i would like to have the ability to show all geometry outside of the objects in wireframe, but the geometry your editing in Open-gl. (X-ray mode allot of times is not sufficient in this case)
  14. I would like to have the ability to select vertices on the inside of a polygon. 1: At the moment you cant select them in the OIP when you go threw all the vertices 2: its also not possible to select them by right-clicking on them But options would be very helpful.
  15. If u extract nurbs surfaces in open-gl and then add them together then the new object is the right size. That makes me think there is something going wrong with the import. In Rhino its 2mm thick?
  16. Hi, Some strange thing: I imported a 3d-file from 3M, a simple bumpon (igs stp x--t, doenst mather what kind of file type). The size of the object is not correct in the OIP, it should be around 2mm thick. Another problem is that the wireframe is different then the opengl render mode. Opengl shows to correct object, wireframe shows it smaller. If I extract nurbs surfaces from the object I get the right sized object and views in wireframe and opengl. Whats happening here? (wasn't able to upload the igs/stp/x--t files so hereby a link: http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/Electronics_NA/Electronics/Products/Electronics_Product_Catalog/~/3M-Bumpon-Protective-Product-SJ5302-Clear-0-312-in-wide-x-085-in-high-15-000-pcs-case?N=8704948+3294003126&rt=rud)
  17. The breadcrumbs string would be my preferred way of working +1
  18. Ha Alan, Thanks for all the tips! 1 comment only to capping the table: if you extract the curve then make a nurbs surface of it and then stich and trim command: then you have a real solid
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