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  1. This issue persists so I thought I'd repost. Slightly infuriating. CipesDesign, I've tried your suggestion but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Anyone from VW want to chime in here?
  2. Does anyone know if NNA has any response to this. It's causing big problems for our workflow right now. Switched to 2013 SP2 last week. Woops.
  3. There's 'Show Plan Detail' and 'Draw Wall Lines', neither are selected. I've checked 'Use Part Line Styles' and set the Wall Lines weight to 0. It's a work around to what must be a bug...
  4. Wall lines have started showing up in my doors randomly. It's like the Ceiling-main class is on but it's not. The lines are on the same class as the door and the settings for the door are exactly the same as another door with no wall lines showing. If I copy a correctly displaying door it's okay but when I modify the ID Tag the lines appear. Confounding! Anyone?


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