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  1. I loaded the "Tile - Symbols" library (resident in VW 2012) into my drawing and it shows up in my Resource Browser (some neat rock patterns) but they showed up in the Symbols/Plug-ins folder rather than the Tiles folder. I can make them active and drag them into the drawing but they will not fill the selected object. Instead, they come in a single tile drawing object. How do I get the Attributes tool to find them and get them to behave as tiles?
  2. Never mind. Finally found it. Some setting on one of the tutorial files changed my preferences when I used it. Thankfully, following Tamsin"s preference setup in her book got it back where it was.
  3. When using the polyline tool and toggling or selecting the "polyline by tangent arc" tool the arc immediately sets itself to wherever my cursor happens to be on the screen and is locked there unless I move my cursor to another location on the screen and hit the tab button. It will not let me enter a radius in the data bar nor will it behave dynamically (rubber-banding). Also, the line tool is not visible unless I drag it from point to point. If I select a first point and then a second point, no line appears. The same is true for the arc tools. I have checked this in new blank files and with other templates and workspaces. I have checked all the layer and class visibilities but no luck. I have reviewed the forum but searches yield nothing this basic. I must have inadvertently changed a setting somewhere because it did not behave this way before. Can anyone out there help a clumsy newbie? Thanks
  4. Working hard at learning VW and slowly getting it together but not without much confusion. I have gotten my project to the point of creating my own plant symbols and that is coming along pretty well but I have a few questions. I have used the Photo IP symbols but notice that the shadow patterns for trees show the dual-plane nature of the symbol. I have been through Tamsin's book thrice and counting (always finding something new) and notice in her (your) exercises that the shadows are more realistic. How so? Also, the exercises utilize some 3D shrub symbols that the software does not provide. Where do those come from?
  5. Never mind. Finally got it. Key was (is) the relationship between "Class Settings" and "Hardscape Settings" and how those are represented differently depending on how you are viewing it: plan, isometric, or rendered. Not catching this issue has been the root of much sorrow in this first project with VW.
  6. This is driving me crazy! I am doing some studies to learn which things casts shadows and which don't and why and then this pops up. One tree casts a trunk and canopy shadow but the other only cats a canopy shadow. Both are existing tree with no class assignment and no texture assignment but two different species. The rendering is "final quality". I have searched the help and find that things can be set to cast or receive shadows, accessing them with the "render" tab if a texture is assigned but I haven't assigned one and can't find how to edit the resource that is being used. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. That is reassuring. I just needed to hear it from someone who had experience with both programs. I' be making the leap soon. And I have added a signature Peter. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  8. I am new to the group but have been lurking for a while now. I have reviewed the posts for this subject and have gleaned a little but could use some specific insight. I am a landscape architect and practice in rural site development and landscaping. I left Microstation after 15 years when I was forced to retire (but not retire) and spent the last three years with ACAD LT. Gradually moved into Sketch-up and like working with it but much improvement is needed. I spend most of my work with a single contractor and want to expand my capabilities to providing material take offs (something ACAD LT can't do and it is too expensive to go to full version) and better 2D graphics. I also want to move from hand sketching (as a default practice) to more digital imagery both in perspectives and plan. I also use Photoshop Suite but have not tapped it's capabilities well yet. I have sidelined my laptop and bought a PC (windows) with a lot of guts and speed. I have reviewed all I can on Vectorworks Landmark and feel it is right for what I want to accomplish. I am debating though if I need to have a pro version of Sketch-up if I have VW. It appears that VW 3D is superior to Sketch-up but I notice a lot of VW folks seem to export to Sketch-up. I am a little confused as to how these two softwares work with each other and if I need both. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.
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