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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a way to add a dropdown list of images that I can place in a title block. To elaborate: we essentially draft for the same 30-40 clients and I would like to easily change the client logo in the title block by creating an image selection that replaces the logo in my standard title block (similiar to the screen image option in the video screen tool) that I can access from the OIP. Any help or idea would be great! Thanks!
  2. I'm drafting a set of drawers for a class similar to this: [img:center]http://www.youthedesigner.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/accordion-cabinet.jpg[/img] Turning a front view into a 3D model was easy enough, but I am having trouble with transcribing the "accordion" to the side view. What I need is to learn how to extrude the shape of the folds in the accordion and have them "shrink" to the point where the folds are more condensed. Essentially, I need my 3d object (a triangle of some sort) to start at one size and extrude to a different size. Any ideas on how I can do this?
  3. That did solve my X,Y problem, but unfortunately my label legends still have a mind of their own.
  4. Hey Sparkies, I am working on a plot in Vectorworks and I m having a few problems. 1) I created a legend for ERS units that is supposed to have a circle container around the channel number (using VW Legend Label Manage,) but when the label is assigned and the instrument refreshed, the circle container ends up in a random place on the entirely wrong part of the drawing but the channel is in the correct position. Anyone know what is causing this? 2) As I try to select and move individual parts of the label (color or channel) the entire instrument moves with it. I know that a blue selection square should appear, but I'm only able to see a red selection square as it selects the whole label and instrument together. How can I individually select and move just the channel or the color? 3) I (stupidly) used the scenic designer's VW file and added new layers for my lighting positions and layout, but I think they may have somehow changed the axis of the drawing. The X,Y compass on the bottom left indicated that the Y is on the horizontal plane. Is there an easy way to fix this or should I just suffer through since my plot is almost done? Thanks in advance!


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