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  1. Well there 'was' a solution until VW 2021 for the boomerang flyover with a trackpad or a mouse without middle mousebutton:

    Just press space bar and then shift+c

    or reassign the flyover to another key, for example to 'q'. And then press space bar and then q key.


    Unfortunately this doesn't work in VW 2021 any more.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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  2. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there is one simple issue with screen plane and layer plane that causes most of the confusion.

    And it's mostly a matter of conception or terminology.


    We shouldn't see screen and layer plane as two sides of one medal.

    Instead everything should be drawn on layer plane. And then there should be something like a checkbox like 'ignore perspective'.

    If you check this checkbox, it causes the object to 'pop' off, and stick to the screen or to the plane of a viewport for annotation purposes or like an image prop.




  3. Hello,

    the scenario is as follows:

    Lets say you have some Design Layers named 'option 1, option 2, ... option 5'

    You have a sheet layer for each option and you have a list an each sheet layer that adds up some quantities of each option.

    The list works with a filter that searches for content on the layer it refers to, so the list for option 1 searches for elements on design layer 'option 1' and so forth.

    Eventually you decide to discard option 1, and you delete the design layer option 1. You RENAME all the other design layers so that option 2 becomes option 1 and so forth.


    The problem is: the filter in the list doesn't recognize the renaming. The result is, that every list on every sheet layer now shows the wrong data.


    Maybe I got something wrong, but if not - I think this is quite dangerous...




  4. Hi there,


    I was wondering which part of the VW community is using 'data visualization'.

    I'm asking, because I opened a thread in the wishlist section of this forum and do not get any support for it.

    Link to entry in the wishlist section


    So maybe may 'wish' isn't relevant or only a very small part of the community is actually making use of 'data visualization'...


    Looking forward hearing from you


  5. Hello,

    the title of this question may sound a little strange, so I'll try to explain...

    Let's say I have a network with 4 branches. Three of them depend on a choice so that depending on one of the three branches the network either draws a circle, a rectangle or a line.

    These three branches are selected with three valve nodes.


    The fourth branch is independent. I just displays some text. I want to feed it with either the string 'circle', 'rectangle' or 'line'.

    Do do that, I'd like to define the string by attaching it to one of the three branches that emerge each from one of the valve nodes.

    But how do I do this? Because the string node has only an output and not an input. I can only attach it directly to my text node.


    As a workaround I could of course make 3 text nodes instead of just one and attach them to 3 valve nodes of their own which depend on the same choice from the 'beginning' of the node.

    But this seems to me a little bit complicated, so maybe there is a more elegant way to define some input for later use?


    Thanks again


  6. Ah I see... thanks.

    And hopefully my last question for some time... if I'd like to write several record fields at once I will need a 'set record field' node for each entry.

    But do I also need an 'attach existing record' node and 'parent PIO' for each entry or is it possible to connect several 'set record field' nodes to the same one 'attach existing record' node?

  7. Works great, thank you.

    But there's one thing, I'm not sure about: what's the 'pass node' for?

    It's getting the handle to the parent PIO but it doesn't do anything, so I'm not sure, for what it is needed...?

  8. Hi there,

    I really like the data visualization feature.

    The problem is, that it is not possible to combine data visualization with overriding class attributes in a viewport.


    But this is exactly what I would need most of the time: visualization of data in a drawing that is apart from that graphically defined via class attributes.


    The solution would be so easy: data visualization should simply override the attributes of the specific classes that are affected and for the rest the settings for the class attributes of the viewport should be valid.


    What do you think?


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  9. Hi Marissa, thank you again, very helpful and interesting...


    do I understand it correctly your new choices node gives to results: i is the integer representing the number of the option in the list and s results the string?

    So I can still use 'i' for a comparison in a valve node and 's' to write it in my record field...


  10. Hello everybody,

    with the kind help of Marissa and the forum I managed to create a working network.


    There is a pop-up list at the beginning to choose between some options, for example 'timber, concrete, glass'.

    Now I'd like to attach the name of the chosen option to a record field, for example create a record format 'custom object' with the field name 'material' and attach the chosen option 'timber'.


    I've found some nodes (i.e. create field) that seem to be helpful but I didn't find an example on how to use them the right way...

    And I was also wondering how to get the name of the chosen option of the pop-up list. I don't know how to do this, because the result of the node popup is just a integer number that represents just the position of the option in the list.


    Does anybody know of some examples or can anybody help me with some hints?


    Thank you


  11. Hi everybody,

    I was looking around a little bit about information on how define the linestyle of an object.

    There is  a Linestyle bug thread but it doesn't help.

    If I try to run the network Marissa provided in the last post I get an error message.


    My task seems to be easy: I'd like to define the line style for a polygon. But how do know the index numbers for the self defined line styles in my document?




  12. My network creates two polygons, that overlap partially. I want one specific polygon on top of the other and I'don't get it...?


    On 1/19/2016 at 5:50 PM, J. Miller said:

    just experimenting...

    I used an "ordered list" data flow node and placed the 2D objects in the order i wanted them to be drawn. it worked just fine


    Maybe I missed something, but it didn't work. I placed a 'ordered list' node at the end. Connected the polygon to be on top to item0 and the second to item1 but it doesn't help.


    On 1/31/2017 at 3:51 PM, sbarrett said:

    When I have several objects that are created by a network and can't be ordered the way I want them initially, I will put them through an ordered list at the end, then through a group node, then an ungroup node. This will put them in the correct order as well as a single Marionette group.

    I added a group node and an ungroup node but it still doesn't work.


    Can anybody help?


    Thank you all


  13. Thank you. So I understand, that I need to edit the python code of the node?

    I tried to do this to make changes, but it doesn't work. When I made the changes and closed the python script window it tells me 'You have made changes to the text in a read only referenced file....'. I don't know how to duplicate the node template and how to remove the write protection so that I could edit it.

    Maybe I got something wrong?



    Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-30 um 18.41.15.png

  14. Thanks you so much Marissa. The symbol works fine.


    Sorry to bother you again, but I have so many questions...

    I'd like to implement a PopUP Menu with some options in the OIP of my Marionette Object.

    I already found the Popup Menu node. It offers three choices, but there is no direct access to edit the number or the names of the choices.

    Do I need to edit the code of the node to configure it for my purposes or is there another way?



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