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    I was working in my lighting plot at 1/2"=1'-0" Not exactly sure what I did but the scale is set to 1/2" but non of the dimensions are correct to what they should be. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you. Joe
  2. To anyone who has a suggestion. I am working on drafting a building in 3D. The roof is curved from the North to South side and at the end of the building each wall is curved at the top to meet the roof line. Is there a way to cut the wall to the curve? Thank you, Joe
  3. Kevin, Thank you for your advice. I will check into this and let you know. Thank you, Joe
  4. I am working on a a lighting plot and deleted some ETC lighting symbols. Thinking they were in another folder in my Resource Browser, which they were not. Next thing I know the instruments were gone off of my plot (expected). So I figured I can fix this by importing a new Source Four base symbol and placing it into the current document. This worked, however, now my label legends are not responding to the lighting fixture symbol. Any thought? Thank you, Joe
  5. Hello. I have created a custom title block, and everything seems to be working out. However, I am having trouble getting the issue notes to work. I believe you need to use :i(text) and link to the record. However, it seems to not be working. Any advise? Thank you, Joe
  6. Does anyone know if you can save a new text style in VectorWorks 2012?
  7. I am rendering with gobos, however, am unable to edit the focus of the gobo. It always appears sharp. Is there a way to edit this? Thank you.
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