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  1. I typically use at least 70 different plants in a single planting plan. It becomes difficult for my contractor to distinguish between the plants when they are massed. I use 202 on a PC. I am interested in adjusting the plant massing function to allow me to keep some interior linework and the plant ID displayed. I’ve created separate subclasses as a plant component and I’ve cut and pasted interior linework outside of the plant symbol and as well as into classes that are outside of the plant symbol. In either instance they disappear when I employ the plant massing function. It is not possible to add a subclass to the plants class as that functionality is locked. In the meantime, is it possible to write a script that would add the interior linework and tags back in after the plants have been massed? Or, would it be better to create new plant classes and subclasses of my own and write a script for these that massed plants differently?


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