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  1. Thanks for responding Jim. I got the message that the dll file was missing so i found one online, after putting that into windows system 32, i then get the message i took a screen shot of.Ive turned off all anti virus and security features and it makes no difference, even running VW in admin mode. All other exe files open fine. The CD does have a small scratch on it, im wandering if that has messed up the setup.exe Is there no place we can download the exe file?
  2. im trying to install Vectorworks 2010. However when i run the setup i get the message that the bcgcbpro675.dll file is missing. I managed to find one online ( hard to come across .dll files that arent viruses), and now i have put the .dll file in place, i now get this message: Why is this setup file causing so many problems, where can i get the right dll file etc thanks
  3. Hi I got given a copy of VW2010 SP2 by a friend who had bought it and has now upgraed, however he is German and I dont speak German. Is there a way of changing the language to English, in the registry or the program itself? Many thanks
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