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  1. 7 hours ago, Alan Woodwell said:

    I set my backups to keep the last 30, it's only storage space and the pc & server has heaps. I set my undos to 100, for same reason. I would rather have too many than not enough. Make the computer work, that's what its for.

    Cheers, yes indeed, wise words. In 8 years of practice on my own I've had clones of the hard disk, time machine backups, cloud backups, and 100 undos. However having moved home, I've not properly set up the office, and so the Time Machine for example was not in operation this week - that saves you having to have 30 backups as it saves a version every hour.


    Not the end of the world, in really looking at it I've got about 6-8 hours drawing work to do over the weekend. Lessoned learned. Could have been worse.

  2. I am in deep poo here.


    I have a .dwg import file that I worked on and developed into a proposal. It imported it's own sheets, symbols and stuff. So as I developed the drawing I purged the file as I went. 


    BUT - I"VE LOST EVERYTHING...arrrhh.


    I think I purged then when straight into working on a sheet layer to set up my title boxes. As I set that up I am sure I saved, then carried on setting up the sheets. Unbeknown to me, or what I suspect the purge has deleted most of the work out of the model space. For some idiot reason I think the All Sheet Layers box was checked for Objects Outside of Page Boundaries for:


    So when I created a viewport suddenly there was nothing there. I used all the undo's but nothing, reverted to saved but that was after I'd done the purge, and the backup file doesn't have it on either!


    I'm not using Time Machine at the moment, so the only back up is to OneDrive, but that is the same version of the last save.


    Do I have any hope of recovering this, or is 2 days work gone!!?? Oh the drama.

  3. So I've finished annotating my drawing package, go back to one of the sheets, and all the call out annotations have changed to the same text wtf!?

    No idea what has happened, but about 20 separate call outs are all now repeating the same text from one of the notes. I have no idea how this happened.

    Don't seem to be able to get it back either. Tried quitting, opening the backup file, but they're all there. Didn't have Time Machine running either so I've got no legacy file.

    Do I just have to type them all out again!?

  4. I've used MiniCad since 1995, but only just recently upgraded from VW12.5 to VW2014.

    I've always drawn in 2D, but having experimented with SketchUp for a trial, I now have a 3D model I've imported back into VW, but don't really know how to prepare standard drawings from it.

    There are lots of good guides and tutorials out there, but can anyone point me to something specific about creating plans / sections / elevations from a 3D model please.

    I'm an architect using VW2014 Architect.

    Much appreciated.

  5. I've upgraded to Lion and VW 12.5.3 is working fine. I've printed, all my toolsets are working, and so far no problems.

    I'm not an over complicated user and don't use 3D, but everything does appear to be okay with Lion and 12.5.3 so far.

  6. I have been using 12.5.3 on a mac since it came out. I just upgraded to Lion on a partition and am running 12.5.3 just fine. In fact it works better than it did on Snow Leopard which it isn't supposed run on either. All the basic tools and renderworks seem to be fine so far, will post any problems if they arise. looking for suggestions of things to test if this helps.

    I'm running 12.5.3 and have installed Snow Leopard on an external drive to test it, and 12.5.3 does appear to be working fine so far.

    I might give Lion a try then if you have had success then.

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