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  1. Is there a way I can share VWorks files, like symbols or hatches I made, in this forum? joey
  2. Can someone explain me why does Vector creates green rectangles when I edit a viewport?..is it a bug or is it something that was defined somewhere in the vectors preferences? I can erase these green rectangles... but is there a way to turn off this option? Im using VW 2012 Sp5 thanks! joey
  3. Hi ppl! In previews vectorworks versions you could edit your hatch from your attributes palette.. In VW 2012 it is possible only by the resource palette.. why? how is it in VW 2013? joey
  4. VW2012 It sounds weird.. but in the file that im working on.. everytime I clip a polygon, its area increases and sometimes stays the same.. is this a really big bug or is there something wrong with my VW configuration?.. this is crazy joey
  5. thanks!!! I had no idea you could convert a PDF to lines!
  6. thats what I thought.. but it doesnt work... I had to export the file to VW2010 and do there the export to DWG...
  7. HI! I have a vectorworks 2012 file that contains some pdf images inside. Everytime I try to export it to DWG, the pdfs disappear. Is it a bug from VW2012? any ideas?? thanks!! joey
  8. Hi crosetti, I made a mistake.. I meant adding surfaces. when I open a vectorworks 2010 file with the 2012 and try to add a new surface to an existing one, the program tells me that it can't be done because they are not on the same plane. I guess it is because in 2012 every surface you make it's in 3d and the ones that were made in 2010 or before are not.. But still.. there should be a way.. right?
  9. Hi!!.. Have anyone of you tried to add a solid to another solid made on an older version of vectorworks?... you cant.. why?? is there a way?.. Im using Vectorworks 2012. thanks!
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