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  1. Hi Jim Im using Vectorworks 2017 SP2 Windows 7 64bit
  2. Hi Everytime I modify a hatch, Vectorworks crashes
  3. Hi Pdf images will not be exported to DWG format when the pdf is a viewport in a Sheet Layer. Why? joey Vectorworks 2017 SP2
  4. Hi When you export a Vectorworks file to DWF format, the scale of the DWF file changes as well as the line weights. I tried exporting to DWF binay, DWF text and DWF compressed binary. how can I make it work correctly? thanks joey - Vectorworks 2017
  5. Thanks ArtV! What version of Autocad do you have? I have Autocad2013 and cant find that language setting window you showed. I found out that if you use the "export to pdf" option in autocad, it will always give a good result on the language issue.. but if you use the "print" and chose your pdf printer, it will always mirror the hebrew letters, same as creating a plot file. I'll have to convince my consultants to creat PDF files and not Plot files. thanks!!! joey
  6. Hi Art V It still doesnt work.. in your free time could you try to convert the Test2.dwg that I uploaded before to pdf? thanks!
  7. I'm not sure if this happens with all non English letters, but when you print a document or create a PDF from a file exported to Autocad containing Hebrew letters, the letters will be mirrored in each word. If I create a Pdf using Vectorworks it will be fine, but using Autocad the letters will be alterated...and that makes our technical consultants angry ..(they all use autocad..) I uploaded here a Vectorwork file containing a hebrew word, its Dwg exported file, and the PDF created by Autocad. Is this a problem in Vectorworks or Autocad? Any ideas how to deal with this? thanks joey - Vectorworks 2017 Test2.vwx Test2.dwg Test 2.pdf
  8. Hi Where can I find examples of point cloud files?.. mainly interior spaces? thanks joey
  9. Hi While working on a 3D model, I substract and add forms to an object. After a period of time, this object gets a big history of adds and subtracts, and by double clicking it I can get to the substraction or addition that I want to change. Sometimes to get to the change I want to make I have to double click the object a lot of times (which is OK), but... after making the change is there a way to go back to the "present" without clicking on the "exit object subtraction/addition" a thousand times? thanks joey Vectorworks 2016 SP3
  10. Hi I think it is a bug. It used to work well on Vectorworks 2012. Stopped working on VW 2016. I dont know if this is important for most of VW users. For me it was essencial thanks for the feedbacks joey
  11. I will try to explain it with an example I build 2 cubes. The one on the left is assigned to have blue lines, and the one in the righ with red lines (as the example uploaded).And I assign a 3d view. (Im working only in wireframe). When you open the file, you will see that the red cube "sticks out" from the blue cube. That is because the red one was done after the blue one. And it will stay that way forever. In previous versions I could click the blue cube and go to the modify option "send to front" and I would look the whole blue cube and just part of the red one.
  12. Hi Benson The selection works, but visually you can not change which object you want to see in front. In previous versions, you could see an object that is located long away back, in front (without changing its location). I used to assign different line colors to each object and bring it to front, making it easier to see the changes I'm making. (while working on wireframe)
  13. Hi In previous versions of Vectorworks, while working in a 3d view, you could send foward or backward the wireframe of elements. That was really helpful specially when the model gets complex. Was that option eliminated, is there another way to do it now, or is it a bug? thanks joey Vectorworks 2016, SP3
  14. Hi we have the same problem. When the consultants print their work (made with autocad and with our exported background) their texts flip. Some consultants prefer using a PDF of our plans as the background...
  15. thanks everyone, I finally understood how to do it. The glow texture does work much better than the line/area lights. Is there any reason why to use the light/area lights? thanks joey
  16. Im trying to make a glow texture to glow, but I cant make it to work right. In the rendered image, my glow texture looks white, but it doesnt glow. The inderect illumination option in the "edit texture" window is activated (override indirect lighting + emit light) I tried also creating a light and directing it to my glow texture. but it still doesnt glow. Does the "final quality render" have the indirect illumination activated? thanks joey Vectorworks 2016
  17. Hi everyone I used to use light lines to creat the impresion of led ceiling lights. It used to work well on previous versions of Vectorworks. I uploaded here an example where you see how it looks on VW 2016. How can I make it look smoother and more regular? I tried creating a glowing texture instead, but I cant make it to emit light. any thoughts? thanks joey
  18. Hi Im working on the graphic design of the different signs inside a specific building: emergency signs, restroom signs, elevators...etc. Im trying to do a report that shows the number of signs, its dimensions and location of each one. My first question is, is it better to use the Data Stamp and attached to it record that contains the necessary information, or built symbols and attach record. Second question, is there a way for the program to add a field inside the tabla that shows the location of an object in my plan? maybe using Space tools? thanks joey Vectorworks 2016
  19. Hi everyone Once I make a line and change its line type, I can not fine the way to change it back to a simple normal line. In the default content of the line types there is no simple line. Is there a way to add a simple line type to the default content? thanks joey Vectorworks 2016
  20. Hi I'm working on a file that has like 150 classes. Everytime I want to apply a class to an object, it takes me some time to find the class. Is there a way to locate a class in the navigation palette rapidly? thanks joey Vectorworks 2016
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