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  1. I tried the system restart, my IT guy even tried a bunch of things but nothing worked. I'm not on a Mac and I have tried changing the file name and saving it in a different location as well. Even worse; my co-worker sent the PDF that he exported/viewed w/o any error msg and sent it another consultant and they got a file corrupted message. So even though others in the office can export a PDF from this VW file just fine it still creates an error msg on the PDF - but only on this VW file! I created it a couple weeks ago (and exported PDFs from it no problem) and the only changes I made were deleting things. The one thing I did add was a new base from the architect (which was in CAD originally). This base was the exact same base I had imported a few weeks a go but with some stuff removed. Could this be it?
  2. I am doing updates to a plan in VW and when I export the plan to a PDF it says there is an error in the PDF and to contact he person who made it. I had no problems exporting to PDF a few weeks ago with this file. All of my co-workers can open the same VW file on our server and export to PDF & view it just fine. I am also able to export to PDF in any other program (word, excel, photoshop, etc.) & view any other PDF, just not the one that I made from this file. I'm baffled by this one! Any suggestions???!!
  3. I've only tried 'exporting' to PDF. The only time I 'printed' to PDF, with a different drawing, it made my whole drawing look like a Picasso painting and it permanently altered the VW file so that no matter how I exported or printed it after that it always turned out like the Picasso painting. So now as a rule we never 'print' to PDF because it seems to cause way worse problems! But I will try it on a copy of the file with the printing option you suggested and see if that fixes it. Thanks for your help!
  4. When do you use that function; when exporting the PDF from VW or when you actually plot the drawing? I have an option to rasterize text when I export from VW, but I can't find any such option in my ptinting options.
  5. Instead of printing straight from VW we export to PDF & print from that. Sometimes when I make a PDF and plot it & there is a strange line or two going accross the page in the printed drawing but I can't see that line on my PDF. Most of the time it's fine, but randomly this will happen and the 'line(s)' are different every time. Is this a PDF, plotter or VW problem??? Any suggestions?
  6. I am working in the rotated plan view in 2012 and I'm having problems getting some of my call outs to be perfectly horizontal. They work fine if the arrow is pointing to the top right or bottom left, but as soon as I want to point the arrow to the bottom right or top left it makes its own angle - and the 'text angle' in the object info box hasn't actually changed. I really don't know how to use the call out tool in rotated plan view and the instructions on how to use it in the help function are too convoluted for me to find my specific issue. When I follow the instructions it should work but it doesn't, only some of the time! Any suggestions????
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