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  1. My office is in the process of setting up VW CAD standards. One of the issues I've been struggling with is getting a drawing label symbol that is acceptable to all. The default VW drawing label does not work for us and I understand that it cannot be edited at the script level by the user. I came up with this solution by creating a nested symbol. It is composed of a symbol that has the typical circle and associated text. The text is linked to a record. This allows the record attributes for each drawing label instance to be edited in the Object Info palette. This avoids the hassle of editing each text object. The line of the drawing label is a group that can be easily adjusted to any length. If it was a single symbol the line length could not be adjusted at the instance level. If it were a single symbol and converted to a group the link to the record would be broken. The nested symbol is setup to convert to a group upon insertion, and the units are page-based so it should scale based on the design layer scale. It is not as elegant as a scripted solution with a pop-up dialog but it works - so far. More testing is needed, but if this process holds up I can see creating all of our custom symbology this way. This would make managing the symbology a much simpler task than it currently is in our office. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.
  2. Here is a tip, as newbie Vectorworks 2012 user, I wanted to pass on to help other newbies to avoid my frustration. I am working on a 7 story apartment project that has a panelized exterior. To indicate the panel joints I used the line tool to draw them on the wall face using the automatic active plane mode. This process worked very well and I had no view problems in the design layer views, elevations, or camera views. But it was in the section viewport that the lines did not show up. Because of the form of the building I need to use section viewports to get accurate elevation views. Too make a long story short, after digging through the Vectorworks help, searching this forum, doing an extensive online search, and contacting Vectorworks Tech Support, it was through trial and error that I finally found a simple solution. Select the 2D line elements and use the Convert to 3D Polys tool. By becoming 3D polygons the linework was now visible in all views. If you have other solutions to this view issue please share them. I?m sure I?m not the first user to encounter this section viewport issue. pma2011 VW2012 SP3 i7-2760QM 2.40GHz 8GB RAM NVIDIA Quadro 2000M Windows 7 64-bit
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