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  1. Tekoa is an entertainment production company based in Maine, USA and is looking for ongoing freelancers to work on intermittent projects. The projects will vary in application and scale including large stadiums, television productions and augmented reality applications. A New England based freelancer is preferable but not required. Starting salary $15-25/hour, depending on experience, or by contract. TEKOA-Work Heartily! (Col. 3:23)
  2. Thanks for the welcome to the community, and the many thoughtful responses. I believe that I have tried all of the tips that folks have noted but cannot achieve results I am looking for. For clarity, VW seems fine for creating a color perspective sketch (though I currently use Sketch up for this.) Drafting 2D plans is the issue, and this is where I do most of my drafting. I have enclosed images of my drafting to perhaps illustrate this better. On the enclosed drafting of the ?toaster stand? you will notice that I find it important to build up the corners. I also add some lines to denote shading. Both of these are often critical, especially in more complex objects when the artistic feel needs to be communicated, but when scale is also critical. As for the other enclosed image of the drafting with the trees, this shows a very different example of a case when I need to quickly draft organic sketches, which are also to scale. In short I have been using VW for ten years; about half of the time the drawings are purely technical in nature and VW is ok for that. The other half of the time they need an artistic feel and it is easier to draft these drawings by hand. I?d love to get rid of the drafting table and use VW for everything but I?m not sure how. So my questions would be: #1 Can I create lines in 2D that have variety in width, especially at the corners, yet when printed are very accurately read to the center of the line with a scale rule? View/Rendering/Custom Renderworks Options often loses a reference to center and therefore loses the precision of reading with a scale rule. #2 Can I create lines in 2D that are custom like Adobe illustrator and can register pressure sensitive data from a pen tool? These lines could give perhaps give me the effect of shading (as in the enclosed image of the ?toaster stand?) or the power of organic lines as on the enclosed tree image. #3 Are there plugins that exist to help me add precise artistic lines, as described above, to 2D drafting? Many thanks! Toaster Stand Trees
  3. I am a set designer that has used Vectorworks on an off for 10 years. I usually still draft my designs by hand and only use Vectorworks if I need to build the set in addition to designing it. The only reason I can attribute to having a foot in both worlds is that Vectorworks does not seem to have any way to powerfully control 2D lines. It seems a little ironic that lines are the bedrock of drafting but the control of the line is very difficult to achieve in Vectorworks. Am I missing something? I have a few related questions: 1) Is there a way to customize a line weight to do something like build up at the corners? (this is a critical form of communication in my drafting and the rendering/sketch options is far too rudimentary, even in 2012) 2) Is there a way to give a line some of the creative freedom seen in Adobe Illustrator? (the thickness and dash styles are quite stale) 3) Is there a way to get a line to interpret pressure sensitive data like a brush in Adobe illustrator? (artistic detail could be communicated powerfully with a brush type tool) 4) The various rendering options do not give custom control over lines. Plugins like doodle and squiggle are not powerful enough either and in some cases are not very stable. Moving back and forth between illustrator and or photoshop is not worth the effort (might as well draft by hand.) 3D is stiff and not practical for quick moving designs. Is there some other option here that I have not considered? Thank you!
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