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  1. I'm looking to buy a personal perpetual license for 2019 architect or later (budget dependent!) Architect or Designer. I'm in the UK and would be able to do a bank transfer or paypal(? if allowed) asap. can anyone tell me typically how long the license transfer process usually takes? Thanks Dean
  2. Hi Kevin, Thank you! Worrying that it seems to be my computer/settings rather then my file but that might help get to the bottom of things, it looks like it was the section viewports for me. to workaround I had to convert both the section viewports to groups and put my annotations for them in another scaled viewport not showing any other layers... One thing I've noticed is that things will slowdown if my viewports need updating and my viewports always need an update if ive gone in to edit an annotation. I dont remember this being the case with vw2012 (the last version im familiar with!)
  3. Hi all, Im experiencing major slowdown working on my sheet!! am I doing something seriously wrong? at the moment zooming in and out of the sheet means I experience major lag and going in to annotate viewports is painful. I have 3 regular hidden line viewports 2 projected openGL + Hidden line viewports and 2 section viewports too many viewports?? Its not as bad as it was, (I had ungrouped certain bolts and converted to generic solids at one point. that ground everything to a halt. Things sped back up once I replaced them) but I cant find anything else in particular that would slow me down!? Can some wise Vectorworker take a look at the file and tell me what I've got on there thats killing my productivity and offer a few tips to work better?? crane file many thanks in advance -Deano
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