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  1. You can still use the old one. Edit your workspace, Click the "Tools" tab, search for "Legacy" on the list and add Hoist(Legacy) to your tool set. That's what I did. 🙂
  2. Leave the 3D as desired then on the Object Info Palete, check the Custom Plan Rotation checkbox and enter the rotation for the Top/Plan portion of the symbol.
  3. Not sure if this will work, but try converting to a Generic Solid. Go to Modify > Convert > Convet to Generic Solids. This is what I do to solve this problem when exporting to MA 3D in 3ds.
  4. Yes, in the resource manager. I think that`s odd too. But I think, it doesn't remove the geometry just doesn't recognize it, because if I edit the 2D or the 3D portion of the symbol, it's still there. To replicate this do the following: 1-Add a fixture to the drawing; 2-Rename it in the resource manager; 3-Refresh instruments; You'll see that symbol turned into a rectangle, both in 2D and 3D views. To fix it, use the replace instrument command and select the same symbol you've just renamed.
  5. Did you rename the symbols? That happens to me whenever I rename them. To fix I have to replace the symbols, go to Spotlight>Replace Instruments.
  6. Guys, thanks for fixing this on SP3! However when you use the mirror tool, the mirrored truss have the same problem. Can you please check that?
  7. Hi! Just turn off the visibility of the braceworks class.
  8. Use the filter. You'll find it in OIP. You can either filter by position, class, layer or if you really want to use the fields found in the record you can make a custom filter. I personally just put the spares on a layer and filter then out. Hope that helps, Merry Christmas!
  9. Oh, I see. Well, try the one I sent you, not sure if it will work tho. Hope it does.
  10. Here it is. But try to update your LC. It should be there. x64.rar
  11. Hey dude, Inside your LC folder, there is a folder named "Install". You will find all the plugins there. Cheers.
  12. This happened to me too, that happens whenever you double click too fast after clicking on the last fixture. I think it`s because the tool is a script and when you finish the comand before the script is done, it holds the selection for some reason. Give it a second before double clicking to end and that should stop happening.
  13. Go to...Modify>Convert>Generic Solid...before exporting to MA. That should do it. I usually save a copy just to export to MA 3D because of this issue.
  14. I'm guessing is the localized version. I tried to re-install and some warnings came up related to 32/64 bits compatibility. I'll try the local support. Thks Mk!
  15. Hey Guys, Can someone from Vectorworks team help me? I have a fresh install of Vectorworks Spotlight 2012 and some tools are not working, the icon on the tools set appears as an "x" (see attached file) and I can not put it to work. I'm using a locale version (PT-BR) on win7 64 bits. Thanks!
  16. Not sure what you're trying to do. But I'm guessing you want to rotate the 3D portion of your lighting device symbol. To do that: 1- Go to a 3D view (press "1" on the number keypad) 2- Select the Alpha Beam 1500 3- On the OIP look for checkbox that says "Rotate3DPosition" 4- Try typing 90 (degrees) on xRot and see what happens Hope that helps.
  17. Select all your fixtures and in the OIP look for the label "Focus", delete whatever information is typed in there. The moving heads should go to their default position, but maybe that's not necessarily the 50-50 position you want. Hope that helps.
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