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  1. What I am trying is to get the effect of a light through Corian?. I have 6 and 12mm thickness.

    Using the absorption distance solves the thickness between materials. Yes I tried the noise but the result is ugly. If I take out the shadow then I don?t see the difference where the material is and is not and more I lose all my shadows made by the light.

    Still searching an answer if you want to try, the best texture is

    _ material ?color? white 100%

    _ reflection ?back lighting? color grey 30% ; intensity 1000 ; reflection 80

    transparency ?glass? transmission 98 ; refraction 1,5

    you can use in the back, a fluo 60in F60T8 4100K 55W available in the library. And modify the color to see better.

    Hope the settings are the same in all the versions

    PS I use Vw 2011 French version on Mac

  2. Thank you for the fast answer

    Yes I have tried them all. I have built some of my own. Being more specific if I get glass transparency down (80%) the light going out is too dimed (the glass is not going all the way down). So you see too much of a difference between the light trough the glass and the straight one. If I use retro lighting 100% or more with transparency at 98% it frosts but I don?t hide enough and I am losing the fluo colors (RVB); so I added some noise playing with the scales. Then I got a mushy glass without a good reverberation.

  3. Hello

    Anyone has an idea to make a frost window?

    I need to be frosted so I can?t see in the back but? I have 2 fluo lights, one just behind the other 3 feet away. I can?t find a way to have the light spreading through the glass, to see the first fluo slightly frosted and the second one invisible but with the right photometry seen on the glass. Of course my view is facing the lights!


  4. hello

    just new on the forum but old French user of Vw

    I had the same problems, you have to check if your surface is closed or if lines are not overlapping when you create the surface before extruding. If this happens then render is not working. do not hesitate to zoom a lot on the connecting points. Being careful since version 12,5, I don?t know if the new rendering engine (V2011) have solve or not the question; obviously not.


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