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  1. hello

    Should I be afraid to switch to 2018 when it's release in France? Some nodes where not changed in the french last sp version. Being, I think, one of the only one using (i try) Marionette in France should I start " flippin' like flag on a pole" or let the good times roll?

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  2. @Marissa

    I would love to have a list and a file with all the debugged nodes from 2016 and on.

    I must be one of the only French trying to work with marionette, so I am not surprise my SP4 version could be left with old nodes.

    What I intend to do is to check the scripts (yes one by one and line by line) that have been modified between the French and the American versions and send the package to Cesyam for them to make a patch to our sp4.

    my goal, like most of the users, is to be able to produce from marionette so the work is easier.

  3. When you wrap the script the 2 rotation nodes are left behind but in fact if you change the rotation parameter in the OIP it works normally. Now once the script is wrapped, if you delete the nodes it still works. Willofmaine have invented the ghost nodes!

    In my case (French version) that’s what I get. What about you with your version?

    To answer your question yes when moving the 2 nodes it wraps ok

     moving only the top one no changes

    moving the bottom one wraps ok

  4. I went through your scripts 14 and 15

    In 14 I get an error message as soon as I want to change a value in the OIP

    I converted in centimeters and tried again from the script and it worked. Then I changed the texture to attribute. This helps but will not change the fact that when you wrap the rotation node wouldn’t follow the fist time (see the next post). Then VW crashed.

    Started again and only changed the values in the script, this is working. I haven’t understood the use of the first rectangle (in pink) but this is just a matter of curiosity.

    Going to 15 this is totally insane.  I have tried many options from center true to taking out the second knob. I get funny situations but I cannot fin a reason why when you apply you option to the first knob then the cabinet door flies to the its high and the knob is at the right place. The same with the rotation the unique knob rotates around the center but with two knobs it works. I thought it could come from the fact that when you center in x the knobs (going to true in the OIP) in fact you have 2 knobs at the same place, but then you don’t need to take out the knob later so there is no reason from my point of view, it would affect the rest of the script.

    Hope someone can find why…

  5. Back in the discussion

    Another way to operate is to go back to vw use of symbols. I’ll try to make myself understandable. First I build my object from the symbols in 2 or 3D and the marionette script, including the scale part (see earlier in the post). Second I duplicate the object and create a symbol of the object. Then I have the choice, or I use the object (copy paste etc…) and it becomes easy to change its size as a unique object, or I decide I will need to change all the objects so I draw with my symbol and edit it if necessary using then the scale function of the script. In that case all the objects are changing.

    Again for me marionette is a tool like all the others, sometime it’s faster to draw a rectangle than to use marionette sometime not. At the end what count’s is the gain of productivity (and the pleasure of achieving scripts!).

  6. here is the way I scale symbols in marionette

    Take a look at the script "frame3" once the popup is changed to a group you can scale in x or y even z if you change for a 3D point. What is nice is the fact that using the same symbol you can have objects with different sizes

    frame 3.vwx

  7. Hello

    From my experience working (not playing) with marionette object is difficult.

    You are right, taking a 2016 script and put it in a 2017 file is more than dangerous.

    In 2017 scales are taken into account (not in 2016) so the first thing to do is to transform the 2016 file into a 2017 starting at the same scale with the 2017 document. I found it easier because once it’s done you don’t have to redo it each time you want to use the object.

    Mirroring stays a “problem” when working because mirroring in the script is one thing, mirroring in real life is another. Once you work with your objects in a project it would be better if they could act like all the non marionette objects and not like?!?!?. Of course it is possible to have the mirror function appearing in the OIP but again when you work you don’t want to think when you mirror just use the shortcut.

    Last from what I understand about textures maybe the solution would arise if there was a way to place the parametric functions in the texture part of the OIP. I think once the object is built when you change some parameters at a point the texture part of the OIP “sends, overrides” the script (see the showcases). Changing the place of the texture functions would as well simplify the OIP (hope for 2019?)

    At last I can add that the first thing you have to do when working with marionette object is to change the automatic recording to 2mn in your preferences due to the frequents crashes. Loosing to 2mn is one thing loosing 15 is another.

  8. Is there a way to find out from your side with the french what is going on?

    So what you get are holes in the frame  unbelievable :(

    I don't know what to do (go and have a drink...)

    Seriously if someone else (another country) can test I’ll be happy to have some backup

  9. Thanks Marissa

    Would it mean that the french version is not uprading all the nodes!!! I made the change ± 3 weeks ago as asked when I received the post from Cesyam or do you have a SP5?


    just tried your node. It is not changing the problem. If you go to the resulting object in 2d only the cutting part is seen. As soon as I path extrude the object becomes transparent and not cut by my "flowers". If I switch the node to a normal extrude to test I have the good result (a nice solid frame)




    Capture d’écran 2017-08-11 à 15.45.31.png

    Capture d’écran 2017-08-11 à 15.57.29.png

    Capture d’écran 2017-08-11 à 15.57.16.png

  10. hello all

    Thanks to DomC my building a frame script is working well. I have started to carve the frame.

    Here comes the tricky part. To make it work I use the duplicate along path via symbols.

    My frame is built via path extrude. So the object I want to cut is from path extrude and the cutting object is coming from duplicate. When I apply the solid Boolean node (substract) nothing happens. I have all my objects but no cut.

    Of course to be sure I wasn’t making mistakes I tried with 2 normal objects and it worked. It is impossible de substract a normal object from the duplicate along path and impossible to cut a normal object from an object madre from the duplicate along path .

    Are the objects built from duplicate or path extrude not real objects and unbreakable, or is it because they are built from symbols? :S

  11. hello all

    Thanks to DomC my frame is working well. I have started to carve the frame.

    Here comes the tricky part. To make it work I use the duplicate along path via symbols.

    My frame is built via path extrude. So the object I want to cut is from path extrude and the cutting object is coming from duplicate. When I apply the solid Boolean node (substract) nothing happens. I have all my objects but no cut.

    Of course to be sure I wasn’t making mistakes I tried with normal objects and it worked.

    Are the objects built from duplicate or path extrude unbreakable? :S

  12. Hello back from hell

    So cool this symbol node I wish I knew how to script !

    I have tried your script, it works well until I wrap. Then I get an error message and the result is the circle and the rectangle from the symbol

    So I don't know if it's my computer or if you get the same result.

    I am surprised  because I thought you needed 3d poly to path extrude and in your script it's working with 2d.

    Second question if I use the symbol node would I have to get in the script and add the symbol name in the list ?

    tanks for the help

    Capture d’écran 2017-08-07 à 08.04.38.png

  13. Thanks for the answer

    The explanations are very clear but I don’t understand everything about them. Being in a rush on work I will have to let it go for a while.  When the script will be ready I should have about 150 different types of shapes for the picture framing, from XVII century to XXI this is the reason why I started from the bookshelf script. I thought to separate in centuries and from there into depth. If I use the symbol node , can I pick in the OIP choice? So next thing for me is to work on your part 3: from the list turn it into a usable object (maybe a copy node would make it) use the copy and put back the content  into the symbol ?

    Too many guesses and no time to try.

  14. This is a very weird script. It erases the symbols inside the resource manager.

    The primary idea of the script was to design frames of different shapes straight from the size of the picture image using multiple symbols for base.  This is not possible in VW because of the way symbols are packed.

    Marionette is THE solution. I started from a normal script based on size of the image, a shape and path extrude. It woks fine but you cannot have a library of shapes (see script picture).

    So looking at Stephan script I borrowed the beginning (popup menu) and tried.

    First I made some symbols, than I replaced in the resource manager, not knowing how to use the popup menu and symbol in folder nodes.

    I could then get my shapes to appear  (Stephan I will need a lesson on the symbol folder node).

    So normally from there select in the OIP -> content node + ungroup gives me a 2d poly able to replace my first script rectangle.

    At this point using the path extrude should work but here comes the awkward and strange thing.

    Instead of shaping the frame I only get the 3d poly rendering without the shape. At this stage the symbol as disappeared from the resource manager; I still have the name, the vignette image but the symbol itself is gone. If I edit the symbol the vignette vanishes and nothing is left.

    You can try by drawing your own symbol and see what will happen.

    I am glad to have invented the symbol destroyer

    Capture d’écran 2017-07-17 à 10.59.10.png

    Capture d’écran 2017-07-17 à 10.57.56.png



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