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  1. We are a Vectorworks based firm working with a local community college on their infrastructure upgrades. They sent us their new light plot but it will not open on my software since it was saved in a student version. In the past these opened with a watermark. Now I cannot even view the file. How do we handle this? Dan McLaughlin Scenic Solutions
  2. Every time I try to edit the instruments in Plots generated in this previous release I get a code error: Line #29: _275 :=CONCAT(KDRAWBEAMERR,((RAD2DEG(_268)-90)+(RAD2DEG(_261))),KDEGSTR);BEGINTEXT;_275 ENDTEXT;SETTEXTVERTICALALIGN(LNEWOBJ,3);POPATTRS;_266 :=0;END ELSE BEGIN _266 :=_264 /COS(_268);END;_186[1]:= { Error: Identifier not declared. } { Error: Expected a string. } { Error: Expected ) } { Error: Did not expect this after end of statement - missing ;? }
  3. I too am getting a c++ run time error. It occurs sporadically once durng a lightwright import and again during a print queue. I am running windows 98 w/ renderworks installed. Any ideas? ------------------ Dan McLaughlin
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