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  1. Hi, I figure this is a non starter but is it possible to batch convert backwards.. I have a lot of files on a database ( VW2012) that I need to send to a collegue working on 12.5 Can I quickly convert them back or will I have to go down the 1 by 1 road? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my post
  2. Thanks guys, can't wait to give this a go- getting hammered at work at the moment! But thanks again, so much appreciated.
  3. Yeah, I'm thinking that you're right. Thanks or the advice. I might scout around the internet to see if a script has already been created. That failing, I'll dive in and attempt to create one myself- time permitting. Thanks again.
  4. Hey, thanks for the quick reply. When we receive files that are all of the same class (usually 'None'), is there a way to quickly class the entire file up by designating a class to each of their different pen colours? I know that it's possible the other way round in the Class Editor. Thanks again.
  5. Hi guys, First time post so please be gentle ;-) Is there a quick way to do this which would apply to all sub-groups and symbols etc.? It's to do with how different teams of our company exports to Artlantis: one of us assigns materials my class, the other by pen line colour (yes, I know we should all use the same process but there's too many legacy files now). We've tried using the custom selection tool but this doesn't seem to penetrate groups etc. Any help would be very much appreciated, a god send actually. Thanks in advance, hope yer all well. Nick.
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