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  1. I am self-taught with Vectorworks, and I'm sure a lot of my procedures could be done differently and more efficiently.  For example, I'm designing a crown moulding, and extruded the final moulding.  For mitre corners, I make a triangle extruded shape on either ends of the moulding and do "subtract solids" to give the moulding a 45 degree end.  Surely there is an easier method.  Any suggestions?

  2. Thanks, Jeffrey. I was able to make the floor with your suggestions. In side view, I created a 2D rectangle. The top aligned with the bottoms of the middle chairs in the first and last row, and extended the full length of the house from back wall to the stage. I then made a 180 degree sweep. I tried to make the origin of the sweep the locus of the concentric seating radius, but I kept getting an error message that the locus was not on the same plane, and I couldn't figure out how to correct that. Anyway, I let the sweep be created in the default mode, which has the origin from the left-most point, and then did "Edit Sweep," which allowed me to place a new locus at the concentric seating radius. I then created 3D shapes on all sides of the sweep and did a Subtract Solids, which made the edges of the sweep to be the same as the auditorium walls.

  3. I'm new to Spotlight, but have some knowledge of VW Basics. I am creating a 3D drawing of an existing theater. The seating rows are curved, and are raked so that each row is a bit higher than the previous row. I've created the seating successfully, but how do I create a floor that matches the curve and ramp of the seats? A simple tilted floor cuts into the middle seats, as their levels change along the curve.

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