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  1. nicovanderschaaf

    =count value not a number?

    I'm setting up a worksheet retrieving values from space objects. First column contains a number, second column counts certain type of space objects and the third should multiply the value of the 1st and 2nd column...should... ...but it doesn't. I've put the formula =(VALUE(A1)*VALUE(B1) in C1 but it doesn't convert the number in B1 to an actual number (B1 has the formula =COUNT). The result in C3 is the value of A1... Surely I've done something wrong but I can't figure it out what so any help would be appreciated!
  2. nicovanderschaaf

    Update on move

    I'm completely unfamiliar with Python so Marionette would be better I guess although Marionette has a great impact on the file size of VW document? So from that point of view Python might be better? In any case some help would be appreciated...😀!
  3. nicovanderschaaf

    Update on move

    Thanks @Marissa Farrell... The command indeed works so for the moment there is a way...For the longer term a command as described would be really nice. Would that be a marionette script as well? Nico
  4. nicovanderschaaf

    Update on move

    Hi I've created a marionette object that pulls data from a large worksheet (list of objects with specifications) into a new worksheet (one object with specifications). When the large worksheet is updated I 'move' the marionette object so it updates the new worksheet (updated specifications). Basically everything works fine. But I'm wondering if it's possible to create some sort of update button so you don't have to move the object? Preferrably it is a new marionette object that updates all of the newly created worksheets...at this moment I have to move all of the objects manually and since marionette can make things easier... Anyone? Nico
  5. nicovanderschaaf

    Get Cell Value (Marionette)

    Thanx for replying... In the meanwhile I just figured it out too 😊. The input String cannot directly be connected to the worksheet. A 'select worksheet' node needed to be placed in between...I guess that's because the worksheet is 'outside of the wrapper'? The GetString node isn't needed too...you're right about that... N.
  6. nicovanderschaaf

    Get Cell Value (Marionette)

    Hi Seems a basic network but somehow I can't get it to work... I'm trying to obtain the content from a certain worksheet cell and put it into a text. I've used some nodes found on this forum ...See files attached. Best, N. GetValue.vwx
  7. nicovanderschaaf

    Worksheet nodes

    Hi! See screenshot for setup... I'm trying to insert data from a worksheet into a new worksheet created by a wrapper using the worksheet nodes. For some reason the Get Cell Value doesn't work. When I link the string to the Set Cell Value it does work so I'm guessing that it has to do with the worksheet being 'outside' of the wrapper...I can't find the solution so any help would be appreciated! Nico
  8. nicovanderschaaf


  9. nicovanderschaaf


    I'd like to predefine a set of door widths in a popup list. The list however results in an integer like 0, 1, 2 etc. representing the number of options. How do I get the actual width of that option in an integer? If option 1 is selected width is 500 If option 2 is selected width is 600 If option 3 is selected width is 700 etc. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. nicovanderschaaf

    Set Ifc Entity, Marionette Object

    A 100% answer! Thanks a lot!
  11. nicovanderschaaf

    Set Ifc Entity, Marionette Object

    Hi I'm experimenting a bit with Marionette to customize some objects. I'd like to add IFC data to it. I've attached a very simple network. When I wrap the network and convert it to a object node a 'marionette object' is created. The extrude within the marionette object is set to a certain specified IFC entity but not the marionette object itself. So when I IFC export the marionette object no geometry is exported because it's not a IFC entity... Anyone any idea's? IfcEntity.vwx
  12. nicovanderschaaf

    section viewport/convert copy to lines...

    Hi Matt, Thanks! This trick indeed results in a cleaner exploded viewport. Just what I was looking for! P Rotondo, when you select a section viewport and convert copy it to lines you won't get the dialog (at least I don't) that lets you choose between wireframe/dashed hidden lines/hidden line mode as you get when you select a 3d object on a design layer and convert copy it...that's why I posted this thread, but Matt's solution works...
  13. nicovanderschaaf

    section viewport/convert copy to lines...

    Hi hopefully someone can help me out with this one... I've drawn a basic schematic 3d model (all objects on class none) on a couple of layers and created a couple of section viewports of this model (great function). The settings of these viewports allow me to merge objects with the same fill so the section part looks nice. But...I use a perspective view for the sections I made and as nice as the section itself looks, the background objects with the same fill don't merge and looks messy. Does anyone now a trick to accomplish this? I've tried to convert copy the viewport to lines but when I do this, it will convert it in wireframe mode (bigg mess)... Any suggestions are appreciated! Nico
  14. nicovanderschaaf

    floor plan & pitched roofs?

    Using this method you can draw the roofface as one and use the split tool (L) to divide the roof in several parts... As long as they stay roof faces. unfortunately they don't...
  15. nicovanderschaaf

    floor plan & pitched roofs?

    I totally agree! I thought the time was right to switch from 2d drawing to 3d modelling, but by missing these basic tools I'm starting to doubt. Maybe the 3d modelling part is sufficient for drawing preliminary designs. I think the create section viewport on a front view will do then (with additional information in the annotations). I will give it a shot, but hopefully version 2013 will improve on this point. Revit indeed can provide horizontal and vertical sections (even combined) at any level of the model. VW should integrate such functionality as well. Even though I learn a lot by al the answers provided. Thanks a lot!