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  1. I have an odd problem since upgrading to Lion. My cursor is offset from its graphical pointer. The tool icon (pointer) appears about 1/4" higher on screen than it is functionally in the software. In order to mouse over an object I have to compensate for this difference, positioning the cursor 1/4" above the object I am trying to select. Not really a dealbreaker, but pretty disconcerting while working. If I go to preferences and select "Full screen cursor", the cross hairs of the Full Screen Cursor appear offset from the tool icon as well. That is to say, the full screen cursor is correctly located with respect to the software functionality. I'm fairly sure this is a VW problem as it doesn't occur when working in other apps or in the OS. Also, it doesn't seem to affect VW dialog boxes, palettes, etc. It's really only while working in the main window of VW. Anyone else see this strange behavior?
  2. Fair enough, I suppose. Thank you for you input.
  3. Is there a way to offset the contour elevations by a set amount? Like, right now my site model contours start counting at 1', and I'd like them to start counting at 101', without going back and changing all the data manually. Can I just offset the calculation by 100' somehow? Thanks.
  4. But if you extract a planar object and then render it hatched in a hidden line section viewport, does the hatch show up? I can't get it to show up in my section viewport (although it does fine in an isometric viewport!)
  5. I 've got a very similar problem. I cannot get my planar hatched object to show up in a hidden line rendered section viewport. Works fine in an isometric view of the project. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks.
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