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  1. As a designer working on a coffee mill design ( buildings and machines) I have been working with someone who is on PC notebook with the latest autocad. I was impressed with how fast things rendered and the slick zooming pans from one view to another. I wasn't impressed with his lack of keyboard shortcuts or speed of procedures to change the drawings. (which may be more due to technique than the software) When we imported DWG files to my Mac powerbook G4 It was demoralizing to see how slowly things rendered. However, I think that may be an issue with the file translation as when I checked opject info pallet, there were an unbelievable number of objects in the file. I am doing some pretty heavy stuff ( to me) and my system works pretty well. It renders Open GL faster than wireframe.
  2. That was a great short course in the Id/ schedule process. The only thing missing was how to deal with the way the worksheet orders the incremented entries. Why can't they just be ordered in a numerical fashion rather than what I would call an integer fashion?
  3. I sent this text to Tech help, I don't know when I'll recieve a reply so I am posting it here to see if anyone has ideas. Here is my current problem. When creating roads in Landmark/Architect V 11.0.1 after creating stakes from a polyline and selecting 'Use Site Modifiers', some curved segments of the road have wierd site modifiers that don't modify the dtm properly. Contours don't get adjusted, while other segements work fine. These odd modifier components show up clearly when you look at them in any view other than plan. I have been carefully trying to work through this but it seems like a bug to me. One thing that shows up in the object info window is that the defective segments have their rise field entered in positive numbers while the ones that work have their rise entered as a negative number. In other words, some segments are rise referenced from the other end as compared with adjacent segments.
  4. Ejsen

    Board & Batten?

    I am not sure how to share a texture. I just stopped at this for interest while checking out discussions on Landmark. It is easy to create textures such as this. I borrowed a digital camera (before I owned one, I do now) took a few pictures of my own house which is b & b. I made an effort to take the pics from a distance and permendicular to the wall, I then used the best of the shots to create the texture In Vectorworks as an imported graphic. Did it years ago so I don't remember the details but it wasn't hard.
  5. I too have been having trouble printing 11 with sytem 9.2.1. I tried upgrading my system to 9.2.2 and opened a can of worms I am still trying to put back. I have been able to print simple drawings but when I get to complex stuff, 3d dtm in particular, it does just what you have seen. After I restart, the print job sometimes finishes.
  6. Katie, I have tried setting TCP/IP to inactive and that does stop the online attempt. But then I have to go back to the control panel whenever I want to go online. It still seems wierd that VW should do that.
  7. Thanks to everyone. I guess that more is often better but with the feedback I feel pretty good about going for that newer Powerbook. Are we all Mac users? I did convert an architect friend and PC user to VW recently and he is happy.
  8. Whenever I start up VW 11, It causes my G3 powerbook, syst. 9.2.1 to attempt to connect online, which fails and then it finishes loading the program. It is annoying because it extends the start up time. I have to TCP/IP set to turn on only when needed. I have tried emailing NNA about this but gotten no good answer.
  9. Whats the ideal VW platform? I've been using a Mac since the llVX and Minicad 4. I am now using VW11 on my G3 333mghz powerbook. I find that the video card isn't up to Open Gl rendering when using my big external display and isn't very good even when using only the P.B. one. So I am looking for advice on upgrading to a new notebook. (I am addicted to being able to haul it around to sites and client meetings.) Is cpu speed the main thing for VW performance or is it the video card and it's memory, or what? I am dismayed to read the posts and see that even folks with dual G5s are having some trouble. Thanks, Eric
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