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  1. I solved this on may machine (Mountain Lion) as follows: Remove Vectorworks from the list of software allowed to accept connections, restart your machine, and then add Vectorworks again manually from within System Preferences. The first time you start Vectorworks after this, the pop-up may appear one last time (I can't remember), but after that it's gone for good. It still carries out the check (visible in the console) but the annoying pop up every 9 minutes is now gone.
  2. I've always modified Vectorworks keyboard shortcuts to suit my own habits. When I assign a shortcut (any shortcut at all) to the "Duplicate" command (irrespective of what key combination) it doesn't work. The shortcut appears in the workspace editor next to the Duplicate command, but when I save and exit the editor it doesn't appear next to Duplicate in the Edit menu - what I have is the default (Command+Shift+Ctrl+S) which is not really practical. It means that the shortcut I assigned does nothing, and if I want to duplicate an object I have to either copy, paste, and then move it, or select the command from the menu (which isn't how I work - I try to keep command selection from menus to a minimum). Things I've tried: - Creating a copy of the Workspace and editing that. - Starting another Workspace from scratch. Both of these had the same issues. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! - Vectorworks Fundamentals 2012, Service Pack 4 - OS X 10.8.2
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