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  1. Hello I was wondering if there is a way to create a plug-in which will export geometry into .dae format. That will open a lot of possibilities for Vectorworks as well. As an example it will be possible to export geometry into Cryengine 3 and into UDK. I have build a few plugins with SDK, but nothing as sophisticated as an export tool. so is it possible and how long it could take or how hard it is to do it?
  2. Everyone sais: Download the sdk it will have samples etc. Did you guys realize that samples are not included in SDK 2011 and 2012? I had to download SDK2010 (whatever version that is) To find the samples. I hope they are compatible with VW2011. Manual is out of date by at least 4 years. Even though it is saying 2012 on the front page, it has got references to SDK 12 while the current SDK is 16. With all my love towards Vewctorworks, forgive me NNA guys, but I have to honestly say thats a really bad support.
  3. Does anyone know any resources that really helped them start with SDK from the beginning? If you do please share.
  4. Rus

    Compile SDK Script

    Ok, so after hours of experimentation I have compiled an object .vwlibrary. Another set of stupid questions: 1.how do I access the .vwlibrary plug-in through Vectorworks? 2.Is there any way to decompile existing plug-ins and look at the source code. Thank you in advance.
  5. Rus

    Compile SDK Script

    Also when I open the xcodeproj file with the sample plugin it can not find some references, unless I reinclude them like NNA_PluginBuild.xcconfig, NNA_StdBuild_Dev.xcconfig etc. And I unless the file MacTypes.r is included into the project it gives me error: 1. /SDK Vectorworks/SDKLib/ToolsMac/VectorWorks SDK Plug-in/Plug-in Tool Stationery/Tool.r:9:0 SysError 0 during open of "MacTypes.r".
  6. Rus

    Compile SDK Script

    Hello, I have recently got into Plug-in development with the SDK, with not much luck though. I am constantly getting these 2 errors when I build something (Even if it is a sample plug in from SDK folder): 1. Command /Developer/usr/bin/gcc-4.2 failed with exit code 1 2. mv: rename /SDK Vectorworks/SDKLib/ToolsMac/VectorWorks SDK Plug-in/Plug-in Library Stationery/build/Library./Contents/Resources/Library.rsrc to /SDK Vectorworks/SDKLib/ToolsMac/VectorWorks SDK Plug-in/Plug-in Library Stationery/build/Library./Contents/Resources/Library.qtr: No such file or directory Does anyone know what exactly is happening?
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