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  1. Clive Abben

    Automatic working planes

    When choosing the rectangle tool and setting it to automatic working planes, I am unable to select any faces. Any ideas why this would be?
  2. Clive Abben

    Animation Works

    What do you think is the best format to make movies in animationworks in windows 7? It seems a bit hit and miss and I forget the ways that worked! I have had success in the past by adding .mov when saving, but on the file I am working on it says that it has changed the file extension to .M4V and i then get either a very short movie or an off centered movie showing only a corner of the movie.
  3. Clive Abben

    roof not appearing in 3d

    I pasted the roof onto a black document and it came up fine! There must be something wrong with my settings in that document but I cant seem to find anything.
  4. Clive Abben

    roof not appearing in 3d

    Ive tried that, using the same texture nominated as class texture and picking out from the texture drop down list but still no luck!
  5. Clive Abben

    roof not appearing in 3d

    Thanks for that, I edited the component and it was set to no fill, but when I put class texture in it still did not show?
  6. Clive Abben

    roof not appearing in 3d

    I can not get my roofs to render in 3d. I create the walls and they are fine and when I create the roof it shows up in plan but not in 3d. I have created 100s of roofs with no problems and this seems to have happened only after I installed the last service pack. I exported the file to VW 2015 and the roofs appear perfectly?
  7. I have just made a new movie with animationworks and when I make the movie only about 1/3 of the picture shows. I have tried making the movie in other formats with no luck and have used animationworks successfully on other files.
  8. Clive Abben

    Creating symbols

    Thanks for that. I left the symbol in place and then clicked on it and it worked!
  9. Clive Abben

    Creating symbols

    for some reason I cant seem to create symbols anymore.I select the object, go to modify-create symbols, follow the prompts but nothing happens, they just stay as objects. I also tried creating a group first but no luck.It has only recently happened and have had no problems previously.
  10. Clive Abben

    Fit walls to objects

    Benson, I went through the workspace editor and it was there. It is now in the Architectural section and works well! thanks for that
  11. Clive Abben

    Fit walls to objects

    Thanks for that, I have the same drop down menu, but no Fit Walls to Objects!
  12. Clive Abben

    Fit walls to objects

    I have been following Jonathan Pickups recent posts about walls. I am in the landmark workspace but when I go to landmark-architectural, I cant find the fit walls to objects command?
  13. I have information on my plants regarding height and spread, but when i create a worksheet the information does not match, eg, i have Epicaris impressa as a plant with a spread and height of 1.2 x 1.2m, but it comes up on the schedule as 2.4 x 3m? I recently submitted a plan to council for a permit and it was rejected due to the information on the spread sheet which had exaggerated all the plants heights and widths.
  14. Clive Abben

    Editing textures in VW 2015

    I turned Vectorworks on and off again and it worked! I feel so dumb!
  15. Clive Abben

    Editing textures in VW 2015

    i have had a look for it, but cant find it? If it is hidden is there a way to find it?


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