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  1. So for each of my 12 lighting positions I need to do this? If you insert an instrument it works with a Z height. Why, when you convert to a lighting position, doesn't it create it with the same characteristics? Seems logical? Kevin?
  2. I will admit to Alzheimers. I cannot figure out how to get my pipes to take a Z height. I draw the line, convert to light position but they will not take a Z. Kevin, in another post, said they need to have a 3-D component but I am stimied as to how or what I am missing. I assume when you convert to .. it gives the pipe a 3-D. If not, how do I do it? I tried to edit,but they are editable. I tried extruding the line before converting to a position but it then disapears after converting. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  3. Pat, Flaky two-fetrs were a problem. I haven't used any lately, but I though it had been resolved. I just gave it a try and -yep they are wiggy. Hasn't been resolved apparently. Looking forward to getting my HP800 :-)
  4. Jonathan, Am trying out the "you send it.com " web site you mentioned in your blog. rial sending a 2 mg file and it seems to be taking a long time. I have cable DSL. What upload times are you getting, on what size files?
  5. A dummy here. I usually do basic renderings of sets and lighting for theatrical use. Can someone give a quick intro to what HDRI is and how to use it? Thanks,
  6. I checked out the Arlantis web site and could not find any prices. Anyone know how much Sketchup and Arlantis Studio or R cost?
  7. Kevin, I don't understand. I followed the directions in the manual for creating lighting positions. How do I get a line that I convert to a lighting position, to have 3-D? You cannot edit a lighting position. You cannot extrude a line to give it 3-D, and then convert it to a lighting position. I am totaly baffled
  8. GOT IT !!! Thanks for all the help. Just in time for the shop class :-)
  9. That is what I did for the set design rendering.I created a 180' circle arc, extruded to 8' and applied a texture. Now I am faced with doing a working drawing that shows how this set piece is built. Interior support 2x4s,top and bottom, and facing. I have the 3-D piece created with the top and bottom 1/2" plywood pieces and the verticle 2x4s, but I cannot figure out how to create a 180' circular facing to put on the front of it so my students can see how it should look. My goal is to be able to show it from the front and then rotate to show the inside from the back and how it will look when built. Maybe this can't be done???
  10. I am trying to create a working drawing for a column. It is 4' high, 180' round. 1/2" plywood top and bottom, supported by 2x4s. I have the sructure but cannot figure out how to apply, or create a facing for the round structure to be able to apply the texture. The simple question? - how can I bend a piece of lauan to 180' to apply it to the supporting structure. Jim
  11. Ok. Then how do I give a lightng position a Z height? Everytime I put in a height in the properties box and click ok the z reverts to 0" Jim
  12. I got a CPU monitor and when I am rendering the meter is running around 50-53% of CPU usage. It jumps to 80% as the picture starts to appear on the screen. After it goes back to the normal 3-5%. It indicates that I have 68 processes running. I get the same CPU reading with Custom Render and Fast Rad. Both renderings take about the same time. My question is: Why is it only using 50% CPU and not more to render faster?? Is this the issue with dual core? I was thinking of buying another Gig of RAM but do I need it?? Is there any relationship to CPU usage and the amount of RAM? Jim
  13. Kevin, I tried, by making a line, extruding it to 3" then converting to a lighting position - the line disappears but the position summary box is there?? How come when you convert a line to a lighting position, it just doesn't make it a 3-D object like instruments?? I think this was a discussion a while ago?? Jim
  14. I am considering buying this plotter for my computer lab. Any issues that I should know about this unit before I buy it??? Jim
  15. I also cannot get my electrics to take a Z height. I vaguely remember something about doing this, but my memory fails me. Some of your problems with the theatre might be that VW sometimes has issues with imports of certain objects from AC. Are you putting your electircs on a separate layer? What platform are you using? Jim
  16. Have you downloaded the latest LW update?
  17. Katie, Have you tried Netscape 8.1 and autofill to see if it just my problem? I went into all my other autofills and looked at them compared to VW. What is happening, after several re-checks, is that when the autofill is created the VW login page is supplying additional data fields and values for that field: 1) rememberme with a value of true 2) loginname with a value that is blank If I go and delete these additional fields thus removing any addtional fields with values or put the value of my login name into the loginname value field, the autofill works just like all my other sites. Is appears that the VW login supplies additional data fields with values that prevent the autofill from filling in the loginname correctly, but not the password. I understand that many people use the login, but how many use Netscape and autofill? Also maybe other people were able to figure out the problem and the work around solution. But it is an issue with how the loging page supplies data fields and values to autofill. If it did not supply the additional fields or would fill the loginname field insted of leaving the value blank the autofill would work. I assume that autofill: 1) polls the site to get the data fields for login. 2) does not create them without getting the data from the site 3) Does not need the additional fileds to work correctly. The question then becomes why VW login supplies this additional data, and in a format that prevents autofill from working correctly. There is a obvious miscommunication issue here between VW and Autofill. Maybe it is a problem with Autofill, but if it was why don't I have problems with other sites? Jim
  18. Katie, I use Netscape 8.1 and your's is the only site my autofill will not work with. I deleted cookies, the autofill and recreated another autofill - still does not work -- The password will insert but not the login name. Since it is the only site I have problems with (I have about 20 other autofill sites) I have to believe it is a problem with the login. Jim
  19. Thanks Katie that was it, but I am confused as to how the settings changed? BTW Have your heard anything concerning the login issue I emailed you about last spring. It appears that the login still won't "remember me" and my autofill still does not work with the login screen. i do not have this problem with any other login. Thanks Jim
  20. I just upgraded to 12.5 and tried to import the texture files into my resource browser. I used the add new favorites After importing them I cannot find any textures IE: stone - the files are blank. Anyone know what is going on? Jim
  21. Steve, It is big file. I have HS DSL and it took over 20 min to download. You can order a CD. If you know someone that has it they can put it on a CD for you. I have it burned to a CD if you want me to mail you a copy - it should work. Jim
  22. Jim_Allen


    V 12.5 is now avialable for download from VW
  23. 12.5 is available for download from the VW web page :-)
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