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  1. I finally have gotten my lab up and running;however,on 6 of my computers the resource browser shows graphic icons for instruments, folders, etc. and 2 are just text lists. I installed all exactly the same using the same copy of the 12.5.1 updater for every computer and then added the spotlight imperial folder items as favorites. Anyone know why the 2 are different??
  2. Sound like what you want is more like what architects do. Check out the Architect postings
  3. The problem is the IP address changes each time the computer is turned on and is assigned by the DHCP server downtown. All my computers are on the same router in the same room, so I assume they are on the same subnet???
  4. I have been told by VW tech that all of my computers in the lab have to have the same IP address for the network dongle to work. Our network is a DHCP server that assigns IPs everytime a computer logs on. I assumed that this is the norm for networks?? How have any of you handled this problem? How do I assign IP addresses? How do I get an IP address to use? Any help or suggestions accepted!!!!
  5. Eric, You will have to create two label legends. One for SR and one for SL to get the info correct.
  6. I second Rick. If you are using 3 it is a problem that John corrected in the 4 version, sorry. :-(
  7. With my HP 800 I can set the sheet size up to 24" X 150' (the length of the roll of paper) It is done through the custom page setting. You can set the page to any size you want up to the size of the paper. What kind of plotter are you using? I love this HP 800
  8. Have you updated to LW 4.1.6? just came out
  9. We already get those measurement Since we all work from the CL & PL... If you set the layer origin 0,0 at junction of the center line and plaster line, then in the OIP every instrument has an X, y and Z value. the X from the center line, the Y from the Plaster line.
  10. What version. On what platform. What error message do you get. How far into the onpening process does it get? You need to give more information to be able to figure out what is going on.
  11. Can you provide some more info? What version of VW, on which platform? Are you using VW texures or ones you created, on what kind of objects? Which renderer are you using? As much info as you can provide will help to figure out what is going on.
  12. Submitt it to bug report http://www.nemetschek.net/support/bugsubmit.php
  13. I know there was a thread a while ago. Don't remember if there ever was a work around. Certainly would be something to finally correct in the next update hint hint Kevin??
  14. Yep it is a problem with 11.5. I think it was fixed in 12 or 12.5
  15. You can do focus reports in Lightwright that allows you to identify specific info about an instruments focus parameters, but I don't think VW has the ability.
  16. What scale are you using? This was a thread a while ago. I found out that if you create the text in 1/2" or 1/4" scale the text was Ok, but if you were using an off scale IE: 3/8" it was not correct. Also, once you create the text in 1/2" or 1/4" you can change the scale to anything you want and the text will fit in the box just fine. Don't ask me why
  17. I have 12.5 and a dongle for my individual license installed on my laptop. When I am at school my laptop is hooked up to the same network as my 9 lab computers that I am installing VW 12.5 onto. Can I install the network license and dongle for the networked computers onto my laptop (in effect using it as the server) - at the same time I have my individual dongle and am running my individual copy on my laptop?? Will I be able to run my individual copy at the same time my students are using the networked copies?
  18. To finish installing the software on the remaing computers to repeat I have already installed the program on 3 computers, each time I put in the registration and serial number information to complete the install on each computer. What process do I need to follow now since it is not how the directions say to do it?
  19. Katie, there is no information on anything about how to install the software. before I got your email: Everytime I insert the DVD it opened to the install program. I went to "my computer" and double clicked the DVD and it opened the install program. After i got your email and knew there were other files on the DVD I tried "my computer and right clicked the DVD and tried "open" and lo and behold there were the install directions, when I printed them out there was the information on what files were on the DVD and how to open the DVD. Don't know how one would ESP that there were additional files on the DVD. Now that I have found them. i have already installed the program on 3 computers, each time I put in the registration and serial number information to complete the install on each computer. What process do I need to follow now since it is not how the directions say to do it?
  20. I have one Serial number C2XUSE....... I have a red dongle. i insert the DVD AND the install program opens and I do an install entering the serial number I have. I try to open the program and it says it need a Hasp HL 2.16 software. I click to install and navigate to the DVD for the install and it says there is no software to install. i have done this on 2 computers so far with the same results
  21. KEVIN KATIE I NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. I got the first computer loaded up, put the dongle in to open the program and I get a message that there is no HASP HL 2.16 software installed. I tried to install from the VW DVD but no luck. What gives ?
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