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  1. What version on what platform?
  2. I understand it is a huge rework, but just because Microsoft releases buggy software doesn't mean others have to follow suit. This is one reason I haven't bought 2008 - gonna wait for the first update that solves the worst bugs:-) Jim
  3. Will, Need more information. What Version of VW? What operating system?
  4. I haven't gotten anything from VW on the cost of upgrade. I would think they would send out info to registered users. What's it costing for the Educational upgrade? Jim
  5. The was a problem with LW 4.1.7. I am using 12.5.2 and LW 4.1.6 and not having any problems. Check with John at LW before you give up on 12.5.2
  6. yep it is in the OIP - properties - render tab. Is that what you were looking for?
  7. Eric, I still haven't had my second cup of coffee, but I think you can set objects to not emit and not reflect light. I don't have VW running, but it is in the OIP or edit item menu I believe.
  8. This is from a thread last fall: Here is the order of steps. Try this in a fresh, layerless, classless file. 1) draw a line 2) select the line and copy it 3) create symbol... - make sure that you select "leave instance in place" 4) right click on the newly made symbol in the resource browser and select "edit... 3D" 5) select "edit - paste in place". The line that you copied in #2) should paste in place. 6) extrude that line. 7) exit the symbol. 8) reselect the symbol on the page. 9) convert it into a lighting position. 10) now everytime you add the symbol as a position - you will be able to give it a z value. Note that if you are extruding a line for the 3D portion you get nothing but a vertical plane. In order to get a "pipe", you need to draw a circle, extrude it into a pipe, and then reorient it into the proper position - all while working in the 3D part of the symbol's resource.
  9. About time for someone from VW to speak up. Kevin???????? Katie?????
  10. ????? I just went and exported data from VW12.5.2 using the - export - export insturment data - clicked the LW button and exported. I went to LW 4.1.6, used my automated import that I have been using since I got 12, changed some data and used the auto export, again that I have been using since 12. I went to VW import instrument data - browsed to the file clicked Ok then loaded the import mapping file I have been using all along and it all imported correctly and the updates were correct. I don't know why John was having a problem. I did get one Orphan.
  11. what versions of each are you using? on what platform?
  12. You might want to contact John McKernon about the problem and see if he is getting other calls about the .7 update. I am still using .6 & VW 12.5.2 and have no problems going back and forth with the LW automated functions and the VW export/import mappings.
  13. You should be able to go into the classes menu and set the visability for all classes. Set none to visable and you should sse them.
  14. Which version of VW and what operating system? Also did you try the "refresh instruments" option?
  15. Corretion, according to Mike Oz - not Katie
  16. According to Katie, in another thread, stacking layers is only avialable in Architect and Designer - unless they added it to the others in 12.5.2
  17. have you tried the "purge unused" command?
  18. WOW V9 I am willing to bet that VW will not support 9 anymore and the answer will be you need to upgrade :-( Kevin?? - a challenge. Do you remember 9?? :-)
  19. I mostly use fast Renderworks. that is thew quickest renderer. for Custom i have just used the default settings. i just did a run of a room with 3 lights. Room had furniture, window door, etc. fast renderworks and final quality RW rendered in about 3-5 sec with about the same quality. when i did it with RAd the time was 35 sec with energy at 60% when I upped it to 80% the time went to 1:10. Can you enmail me the plot and let me see what i find: jtallen24@cablespeed.com
  20. The + should be the default, at least it is in the Windows version, but I suspect the problem is as Kevin indicated. Like instruments, the accessories need to be inserted with the tool. Also it is a Triple click process. Click twice to place the accessory and then click on the instrument you want it associated with. You can verify if it worked by grabbing the instruemnent and moving it. As Kevin said, if it moves with the instrument it was done successfully.
  21. Get the 12.5.1 update and see if it stops.
  22. First update to 12.5.1 that update solved a lot of problems. I don't recall have that problem in 12.5 but....
  23. Chris, Have you tried the "Purge unused" command? It might help reduce the file size, although I don't think it will help with rendering. I always try to use the fewest lights possible when lighting a scene. The more you use, the more solutions RAD has to compute. I typically will use 1-2 key lights and 1-2 fill. Even still RAD is a dog rendering time wise, but not a bad as what you are getting. Dave is right about the triangles. Get that number and you will know better what is going on with RAD. I usually use energy at 60-70% and use "override Rad" and " do not reflect" on everything I can to speed up the rendering. If fast RenderWorks is taking that long then you have some serious stuff in the scene. Can you upload the file so some of us can play with it? I always like trying to solve other peoples problems - great way to learn how to fix problems and what not to do :-)
  24. Matt, I believe that this was discussion a while ago on text problems. I think you need to create your boxes while in either 1/2" or 1/4" scale first, then you can change to the scale you want to use. If you are working in other scales the text in boxes is wierd.
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