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  1. What version and what platform are you working on? To create an electric I draw a line and then convert it to a lighting position using the; Modify menu convert convert to Light position Usually truss is inserted using the Resourse browser I believe, under lighting positions, and need to be converted also if you want them to be a position. I see pipes also listed in that menu, but they still need to be converted to a light position.
  2. looks like you wil have to pay for the fix. 2009 is coming out and I don't think it will be a free upgrade??
  3. yes it is when we print - at the top (1 1/2" of the drawing) AND bottom (2 1/2") of the drawing. It wasn't free. We paid good money for a lab license for 11 computers, and a separate license for the instructor computer.
  4. VW 2008 Spotlight designer educational
  5. I know I saw something about this a while ago. I have the 2008 VW Spotlight Ed version. It keeps putting a thick black line right thru my draftings. Sometimes with the text "VW Ed version". The last time, which was a banner for auditions, it put through the banner text. Anyway to stop this???
  6. I believe you need to have the lights in the same layer as what you want to light, at least that was how I was doing it in 12.5. Jim
  7. Nope - it works great, worth the $$
  8. thanks Steve, they do donate, so I applied Jim
  9. I am teaching in an urban public high school (Lansing Mich). While we are the performing arts school it doesn't get us any help $$ wise. I have been teaching VW in my tech theatre classes with old computers that have 10gig hard drives, that I had to upgrade from windows 98 to 2000 and to 256mg RAM myself. While 12.5 ran sort of Ok, 2008 will not fit onto the computers. SO I am looking someone or persons who are willing to donate computers to our school. I need 10 computers/monitors. You all know what kind of requirements I need so if you can help please contact me at: jim.allen@lansingschools.net or jtallen24@cablespeed.com thank you if you can help Jim
  10. Thanks Steve, I knew I was forgeting something - old age!! :-( So how is the summer shaping up? Jim
  11. Why don't you use the instrument insertion tool when you insert an instrument?, then you don't have to convert them. are you entering the instrument info throught the OIP?? Also position should automatically get entered when you place an instrument on a named position. Jim
  12. I got the AutoPlot tools for SL and have had no problems since with VW - LW - VW Jim
  13. No one has an answer?? Kevin?? Jim
  14. Jim_Allen


    In 12 you needed to have floor to do rendering. I got the floor from the AEC pallette, but now that is grayed out when I am in the SL workspace. Do I still need a floor to render? If so how does I get one? Jim
  15. Kevin said to right click the instrument and select the "edit light" not the OIP That might be why you are not seeing it. Jim
  16. I downloaded the SP2 for windows. I have the box on my desktop that says zIp on the side and it says "update to VW2008SP2.ZIP". when I try to unzip it I get this message: "unknown archive format" gives me the name of the file and then: "Engine Error: Unknown format" It is the exact same Icon I got with my LW 4.1.7 update and the LW file unzipped just fine. What gives??? Jim
  17. I don't understand the file name being inserted in the export from LW. I am talking to John about it. I am downloading the service pack now Yes a shorter name does work jim
  18. I finally upgraded to 08 and experienced th eimport problem REALLY FRUSTRATING !!! I had no problem with 12.5 and LW :-( So I got AutoPlot's LW package and it not works fine EXCEPT I get a weird file name when I export back out of LW 4.1.7 I got the same file name before I got autoplot. C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\Desktop\tECH 2 FINALS\TECH 2 FINAL PROJECT lw-LW4 folder\LW4 to SL12 and when i try to save it I get sn error message "Path does not exsist" Anybody have an idea what is going on?? Jim
  19. the instrument insertion tool is in the SP tool box on the left (intrument icon) and you need to click it before you insert an instrument from thr RB for it to be active. If you have already inserted a bunch without using the tool you can select them and go to modify - convert - convert to instruments.
  20. It can be answered, but there are several issues. 1) Are you converting your lines to positions? 2) Are you inserting the instruments with the instrument insertion tool? 3) I am assuming you are working on a single layer for the lighting? You can send me the plot and I am willing to look at it, and see if I can parse out the problem. jtallen24@cablespeed.com Jim
  21. Peter, Email me and I will send a couple of plots to look at. Jim jtallen24@cablespeed.com
  22. there is a previous thread about this John said that the interface between LW 4.1.7 and 2008 was good
  23. You will find that Petri has a humor that either makes you laugh or scream :-) How's the weather up there Petri?
  24. Service pack 1 download from VW This download will update all English-language VectorWorks 2008 products (Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design, Fundamentals, and RenderWorks) to version 2008 SP1.
  25. everyone see this? Service Pack 1 download This download will update all English-language VectorWorks 2008 products (Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Machine Design, Fundamentals, and RenderWorks) to version 2008 SP1.
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