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  1. I second the motion. They would be really helpful functions and reduce a multi stop process to one command.
  2. It would be nice, in the next version, to get multi circuit CYC strips with icons that have the fields for the number of circuits they have.. All of the multiple icons only have one field avaiable for color, etc. There is no way to put a 3 circuit MR-16 or any kind of multi-strip on the plot without using the single cel CYC units and ganging them. They don't take up the same space or look the same.
  3. Is there a way to take a position and the instruments on it and do a "copy as" that would create a new position and instruments with all the position and instrument records updated to reflect the new position name?? IE take #2 Ladder R and copy it to create a #2 ladder L
  4. Cool - Works great. Just remember that you need to select the instruments, and then use the find and modify screen "Instrument selection status = True" to change the position name in the instrument records. Then do the same process to change the position name. Watch the first "find All" selection window it will not automatically change to position when you have a position selected on the plot. You also then need to do a refresh to have the position name change on the plot.
  5. I wouldn't recommend installing the SP 9 upgrade until they solve the speed issue. Unless you have a computer that can really crunch.
  6. Setting up and turning off classes will achieve a bit more speed. Changing your monitor colors to 16 bit or even 256 colors will help a bit. Also putting in a larger video card - at least 16 MGs will help with the refresh rate. I was only able to really solve the speed issue by buying a new computer. I got an AMD Thunderbird 1.33G - 266ms, with a 32 MG video card, and 256 MG ram. I now get the same speed on a 300 unit plot in SP 9 that I was getting with VW 8.5. I even put 700 units on the plot and it still processed quickly. I bought the stuff and put the machine together myself - not a difficult thing now days. The total cost was around $800.00, not counting monitor, if you shop around or go to a computer show. Otherwise I guess you just have to wait until they figure out how to make SP 9 run. I had too many plots to do to wait.
  7. I know how you feel. The speed is the biggest problem SL V9 faces. I don't know how people run it on anything less than a PIII. I just dumped my Celeron and bought an AMD Thunderbird 1.3/266 with a 32 MG AGP video card and 256 MG ram. I hope to have it set up tonight, load up SL 9, and see what happens. If that won't run SL, I am not sure what I will do.
  8. Anyone know how to change the length of an electric after it has been created?
  9. Kacey, I checked and the ID info is in LW. Still no updating and no orphans on the plot. I emailed you the plot and the Lw file.
  10. I can't get the import and export to work. I can get the data into LW but when I export it back into SP 9 it doesn't update any instruments or even place orphans. I am follwoing the directions in the manual and it won't work.
  11. Working in SP 9 on a new plot on a PC. -- I created a box boom position as a horizontal position, placed 18 ETC 26 instruments on it and numbered them. I then rotated it to vertical and repositioned the instruments, 6 rows of three across. The instruments started changing numbers randomly as I moved them. When I right clicked to open properties of the instrument the number in properties was not the number showing on the instrument. When I changed the number in properties it then changed to the correct number on the instrument. Any thoughts?
  12. I can't get the inport and export to work. How are you doing it? i am using the mappings I set up in SP 8.5
  13. I will try the classes to see what happens. No, I only have instruments and positions. That is all, no sets or anything unusual. Jim
  14. Kacey, Can you explain the process you use setting different classes for different instrument systems. The manual doesn't explain it clearly. Can you do it after the plot is created? PS I also did a test- export data to LW - it took 1 min 10 sec to complete the export process on 108 units. On a plot of 182 units 3:05 My average plot is around 300 units so extrapolated that is around 5 min to export the data to LW everytime I do it. 8-10 times per plot adds up to 40-50 min wasted. As a designer that puts out an average of a plot every 2 weeks on top of everything else I do, that is a really long time to waste waiting. I don't know what your criteria is for acceptable speed of execution is, but it isn't acceptable for me.
  15. Kacey, What are you running it on?? I am working on a Celeron 366 192MG ram, 30 Gig hard drive at home and a new Dell PIII 128mg Ram 20 gig hard drive at work. I just started a new test plot at home. I have 4 electrics with 25 units on each and it is already slowing down. I zoomed in on 4 units on one electric and tried to scrool down the electric. Clicking and holding on the right scrool arrow,40 seconds later it had moved 6 units down the electric. There is no way I can see this program will run acceptably on anything less than a Pentium III and even then my PIII at work is still slower than my PI 200 on my laptop with VW 8.5 Somehow I don't understand what advantage these new insturments have if they make the program so slow and force people to have to buy new computers.
  16. i shouldn't have to go to all that trouble to use the program, if my computer exceeds the min spec to run the program. You should eithed correct the min to reflect what you really need to run the program at an acceptable speed, or find a way to speed up the program!!
  17. Again i don't understand if it is a program you guys are creating it should mess up the labels from a program you also created. It is a lot of work to go through a 300 unit plot and correct the labels. Especially if i have the instruments oriented 4 different ways. Why don't you fix it so it won't mess the labels up!!
  18. According to the manual you can run SP 8.5 or 9 on any machine that has a Pentium or higher and 92 mg ram. I have a Celeron 366 with 192 mg ram, windows 98 and it runs like a 64 Volkswagon. Why? Everytime I move an instrument or do anything it is 5-6 seconds of redraw time.
  19. Jim_Allen


    When I open an VW 8.5 plot all the labels are in the correct position around the instrument. Then I convert it to SP 8.5, and now 9 and all the labels are moved and messed up ???
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