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  1. got it. I was thinking the color would replace the texture when applied - My Bad
  2. did as you said - no joy Here is the room
  3. Ok. found it. I don't set stuff - am a lighting Designer, so I selected the wall of the set but could not get it to change to the color I selected in the atributes pallet. how do I apply the color to a wall?
  4. Color picker?? I have spotlight and haven't seen a color picker sorry :-(
  5. That would be Ok, if I had the time, except I have 150 kids doing projects and looking for as many different colors. I need to find pre-made paint colors they can use, and won't take me a lifetime to set up for them. I am surprised VW hasn't gotten the paint manufaturers to provide colors ready for VW. What do Arch use???
  6. No XP disk - these came from our IT and we do not get neat things like disks I bought Regcure and ran it. It fixed something like 800 problems, at least according to it. VW still will not open and I am still getting the same message :-((( AGHHHHHHHH
  7. did that - still no joy Is there a way to unistall runtime and reinstall??? what is runtime anyway????
  8. Drivers are updated and VW still not working
  9. I have a problem with one of the computers in my lab. VW 2008 crashes when you try to open the program. I get this message. Microsoft Vsual C++ runtime library Program: c/programfiles/vectorworks2008/vectorworks2008.exe The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.Please contact the application's support team for more information. I have contacted Tech support and here is what they told me to do. 1) completely unistall VW and do a new install - done. 2) updated runtime - done. After doing that it opened twice and then crashed again with the same message. I shut the computer down for the night and the next day it opened once, and then the next time it crashed and has not worked since. ANYONE GOT AN IDEA OF WHAT TO TRY??? It is running on a HP Compaq Dc5700 microtower - all of my lab computers are these, and this is the only one having a probem - at least so far.
  10. not so easy. Here is what i got form Tech to uninstall 2008 Below are the complete uninstall instructions to properly removing VW from your Windows machine. Win Xp NOTE: If you happen to have any files saved in the VectorWorks you need, such as scripts, customized files, or saved files, place them somewhere else before attempting this un-installation, as they will be deleted otherwise. 1) Click and drag your VectorWorks folder (Default location: C > Program Files > VectorWorks) to the recycle bin. Empty the recycle bin. 2) Click Start > Run and in the dialogue box that pops up, type ORegEdit? 3) On the left hand side of the window that pops up, ?Registry Editor? you will see a few small icons that look like folders with + or ? signs next to them, click all the ? signs except the one next to OMy Computer?, you should see one folder labeled: OHKEY_CURRENT_USER? 4) Expand this folder by clicking the + sign to the left of it. Inside you will see a OSoftware? folder, expand it as well. 5) Right click on the ONemetschek? folder and select Delete. Do the same with the OVectorWorks? folder. 6) Repeat these steps for the folder OHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE? as well. 7) Delete the folder C:\Users\(YourUsername)\Application Data\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2008, (this folder may be hidden, so you will need to go to Tools > Folder options and enable "Show hidden Files" from that dialogue box.)
  11. I understand VW's desire to keep the Ed version cheaper by doing the watermark thing so it isn't used by professionals, but it looks like it is a virus that can infect other non ED drawings but making the mistake of importing something FROM an Ed version.
  12. In talking to VW about this problem I found out an interesting twist to this watermark issue. If you buy an individual ED license it will put the watermark on your work. BUT If you buy a lab license it will not. So if you need more than one computer, buy the lab lic for your computers and you won't have the problem. If I print from my laptop I get the mark. If I print from one of my lab computers I won't, according to VW.
  13. You could try removing the symbol and see if the watermark goes away. The other would be to copy and past the plot into a new drawing and see if the watermark goes away.??
  14. Is there a reason that the curtains are not black when you import them?? Does anyone have a black texture for curtains? I can't seem to find one in VW
  15. that was it. I knew it was something simple thanks
  16. I have been able to render with 1GIg of Ram with 2009, But I am only using Fast RenderWorks and Final Quality Renderworks. haven't tried the others yet
  17. I am a bit baffled. I have created a set with the wall tool. When I go to apply a texture to the wall it only applies it to the top and sides of the wall, not the face. I know I am missing something simple, but I can't figure it out???
  18. I installed 2009 and i see that I still have V12 and 2008 on my computer. I went to unistall programs in my control panel and they are not there. 1) How do I uninstall them? 2) I am assuming I don't need the programs on my computer any more?? thanks for some help
  19. check out http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/ got this off the Arch forum just search for what you want
  20. Might want to post this over in the Arch forum - I bet someone over there has done one.
  21. If you don't use the insertion tool you can also go to: modify Convert Convert to instrument
  22. If you don't use the insertion tool you need to go to: modify Convert Convert to instrument them you can apply legends That should do it
  23. Thanks it worked and she is happy - gotta keep those kids happy!!!
  24. I did the download and imported as you said, and I got a menu asking for wall thickness, floor thickness, and roof thickness. I set all at 10" and nothing showed up??. Would you be willing to email it to me? One of my kids needs one for her set design. jtallen24@cablespeed.com thanks jim
  25. Jim_Allen


    Anyone have an image prop of a baby grand, and grand piano I can steal??? I haven't been able to fine one in the VW library :-) Thanks Jim
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