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  1. Have you considered using different layers? Jim
  2. Haven't found a way to do it. :-( jim
  3. submit it to the wish list. I think there might be one or two others, besides yourself, who hang lights on pipes that are not straight :-) Jim
  4. You can also try "purge unused" to try to reduce the size of the file.
  5. Drew, Just remember that if you do it jd's way, and do not turn off auto number for that position afterwards, when you do a "refresh instruments" it will renumber them all incorrectly. Jim
  6. Drew, Are you looking for automated numbering? I don't know of any way to do it except set the position for manual and do it yourself. Jim
  7. In the edit menu is a slider for intensity. Jim
  8. I find VW too cumbersome to create renderings to present to a director as concept presentations, as well as you have to had made all your technical decisions (type of instruments, positions,etc) before you make your aesthetic decisions. I use VW for record rendering afterwords, when I have time. What I do for presentation renderings is use Virtual Light Lab. It is a program that allows one to easily place instruments and colors to get a quick rendering of looks. I have found it really helpful, as you can show a director a look and if they don't like it, you can adjust the look right there and show other ideas. Granted it has limitations, but for fast and accurate color rendering of lighting, and working out aesthetic decisions, there is nothing like it. The colors and color mixing are extemely accurate. Jim
  9. when I tried seting a Source 4 - 40 at the same height as focus point I get a message that the angle has to be greater than 19 degrees. when i did the same with a S-4 par WFL I got - must be greater than 10 degrees???? Instruments do not attach to a position, and you need to set their Z on the position. If you move you need to select all intruments & the position - if you group you are not going to be able to select individual instruments.
  10. Drew, That would make sense. To calculate the beam and intensity it needs the origin of the light source to be at the z as well a x & y coordinates. It is wierd that the source is at the clamp, except that it is where you usually determine hanging height, but it isn't noticeable unless you zoom in on the intrument - I had never noticed until you brought it up. Jim
  11. Drew, You select layers from the menu bar - top right - then click on the classes tab. Create a new class - focus points. then you can assign them to that class. I don't know how to make it the default class - sorry. Jim
  12. Drew, Good point. I didn't think about that. Focus points need to be on the same layer as the instruments to focus, as well as the same layer as the set for rendering. I am finding the need to have the instruments on the same layer as the set, to be able to render looks, a hassle. I end up having to do adapted plots - with lights and set on the same layer for rendering, which negates the whole idea of layers - to separate things like lights and set. Jim
  13. Drew, When I do it the source appears to be at back of the instrument, which is where the lamp is, and near the clamp. So maybe that is why it looks like it is coming from the clamp Jim
  14. You can remove the hexagon by selecting the attributes pallete and selecting none for the line, that will remove the hexagon and just leave the focus name, other than that you can go the the resourse browser, select containers, pick a shape and place it on the plot over the focue name, send it to the back, select both and group them. That will allow you to change the shape - not ideal, but a way. As Cris said putting them all on the same layer would help when editing them. I don't think there is any other option other than beam or no beam Hope the help some more. Jim
  15. Drew, I do not think there is any other option except draw beam in V12.1 for instruments How do you want to edit the focus point - to accomplish what? You can select them all by shift clicking them like you can with any other objects - again what are you wanting to do with them all selected? If you right click the focus point and select properies you can set the class for the object. Its default is none. How this helped somewhat. With more information I might be able to add to this. Jim
  16. Grant, I am relative new to RW and I have seen several references to Photoshop. You said in this thread that Photoshop can save you life. How does one use Photoshop with RW/VW?. I just got PS and would love to know how to use it it get aroung the long render times I am experiencing. thanks for some help. Jim
  17. After seeing what was written I went back and took a look at Properties vs OIP. I have used the properties for instruments and OIP for set objects, etc. When I compare the two for say a set piece they appear to be the same information. For lighting instruments Properties has more information. So what is the difference otherwise? Jim
  18. you get to the OIP by right clicking the instrument.
  19. I have been doing it the old fashion way, like one used to do when hand drafting - shaded instrument and then offset the pipe and instruments on the plot laid out hoizontally, old habits die hard. I am sure there is a better, more modern way. :-) Jim
  20. Pat, Try this on for size. Set the layer in 1/4,1/2" and then check your summary boxes. They should be fine. Then you can change them to any scale you want and they should be OK. If you create them in an unusual scale they go funky??? Definitely some kind of bug. I created them in 1/2" then changed the scale layer to several different scales and they were fine. I did one in 3/16" and the boxes were as you describe. At least you can work around this until they get the bug fixed. Jim
  21. Did you try selecting all the instruments and do a "convert to instrument" ? Jim
  22. Weird. Have you tried converting your symbols to instruments again just to see if the problem goes away? Have you tried a second new plot to see if it happens again? what instrumet symbols are doing this. Can you find any that won't. Also check and see if you have more than one instrument selected on any layers - make all layers active and deselect then see if it keeps on happening. Also have you tried updating the instruments a second time? Sometimes the OIP will not update until you do it the second time, especially if you have used the undo function. Some ideas - hope one works. Jim
  23. Chstech, Another thought. I have a base document that I started with. After I finished the first plot I deleted the set, unique intruments, and misc items and resaved it as my base plot. Over time this base plot has almost every label legend I need already created, so no need to import. Jim
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