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  1. Something really strange i haven´t seen before. After opening the drawing you can see a set of classes in the list. When you try to open the hierarchy by clicking the triangle, the class dissapears from the list. When you open the hierarchy from the "master" naming "jn" all classes are shown correct. After saving the file and opening it again, the game starts again... One of our architects showed that to me on a windows machine. We opened that file on other windows machines and on mac´s and it all behaves the same... WIN 10 / VWX22 - SP4 Macbook Pro OS12.4 / VWX22 - SP4 Weird and makes us frightened .-) See the screenrecording. Classes_Disappear.mp4
  2. all said is right and wrong. just related to the pov of the one who models something that he needs to do. just one example from my pov. i designed a case for an ipad several years ago. the client asked to produce more of these, but the ipad specs changed during the years. as i kept a "Non Generic Solid" version of that case, i am still able to go back in every step, make minor adjustments and come back to merely the same case that the client already knows. so far. as an example. draw a cube, add a chamfer, push pull one face with method one. double click that geometry and you are going back, having an extruded volume and a second (first drawn) chamfered cube which you still are able to edit. either in the dimension for the chamfer or the original 2d shape. do exactly the same way with the second method of the pushpulltool and you are stuck. the case is - you have not deformed the geometry as if you do a bulge or twist, which i understand, creates a generic solid, ´cause you might be leaving the planar-face-world. but here also - it might be possible to write the history of what you have done somewhere in a record of that geometry... the devil is a squirrel (we say that in german when things will never come to an end .-)) the ipad case .-)
  3. but keeping their history is one of the main benefits that vectorworks is capable of compared to other software packages. i have several detailed models that have a final status and are built or 3d printed as a final product, but i am still able to look into the history of modeling and make small changes. that´s perfect. if a atool, that is not intended to do as, changes the typology from an editable to an non editable geometry it is a kind of destructive and a bit of worthless in the whole process if you don´t recognize that behauviour... imho.
  4. I haven´t noticed this before, but when i use the Push Pull Tool with the second mode (move face) the result is no longer a Solid Addition or Substraction. The result is always a Generic Solid even when working on a simple cube. Working with the first mode alsways returns a Solid Addition or Substraction. Is that the correct behauviour?
  5. When i am trying to create a new renderworks style in the resource folder the spinning ball appears and vectorworks freezes for about a minute. Anyone else getting this behauviour?
  6. yes. i did it inside the Data Manager. It´s the first project that our office has to use that BIM IFC thing .-) volume works for itself, but area seems to be something that does not calculate the ground surface for extruded geometry. but i did that simply also in the data manger by multiplying x and y values. not the best if the geometry is not rectangular, but works for the moment. Base Quantities is just an IFC entity that transports basic information for elements like area, volume, netto and gross.
  7. Thanks Pat. I´ll take a look if i can attach that somewhere to an ifc export!
  8. is there any way to get informations for base quantities when geometry is not an intelligent object? this works well for walls, slabs and so on. but how can i do this for free modeled objects like extrudes ?
  9. hello, we are getting into the usage of a custom pset to have our own ifc definitions. we are currently working on a new exhibition for a large museum and none of the standard ifc entries fit to the clients needs. so i have created a new database and to keep it simple for our teammembers, i created some entries as pop-up menues with predefined namings. when i link the database as a custom pset to an ifcproxy i can select the database and the databasefieldnames are visible in the OIP but all pop-up entries do not appear. boolean entries in the database appear correct in the OIP... tested in vw2021 and vw2022. any idea what could cause this? thanks for any help.
  10. hm - i have build 622317 - and there it doesn´t crash anymore. this is sp2 of vectorworks 2022 in vectorworks 2021 - sp5 - it still crashes immediately
  11. i think it was exactly what you mentioned. but i shut down vectorworks an saw the memory cleaned up again. but i haven´t tested this inn the last weeks with the sp1 and sp1.1 update. 2022 is still too slow in many operations than it´s worth to work with it seriously...
  12. i posted something similar to this issue i still wonder which renderengine is the more realistic one compared to the IES data...
  13. I´ll bring this up again... Bug still present in SP1 of Vectorworks 2022 Why doesn´t anybody from the VW team react to such an easy to replicate bug?
  14. but this seems to be related to windows, or more specific to special system versions i tested the file on my macbookpro, os 11.6, and there are no issues with that...
  15. maybe that´s something regarding vw not to release the vram of gpu´s actually. i have posted something similar i have come over when using redshift as renderstyle.
  16. hm. after asking is there something downloaded? did you check if your resource folder has got full rw access? otherwise - what happens if you place the original folderstructure again there without any content?
  17. did you move or copy the library to the external ssd? when you moved it, did you try to place an alias to the workgroup folder to point there? maybe vw isn´t able to recognize that the original place is moved somewhere else...
  18. guess it´s only you. i have 2020, 21 and 22 installed and the resources update frequently but not at every start of vw. did you try to move one of your folders inside users-library-application support and then restart vw? maybe it depends to that or some broken prefs... there are also deeper prefs kept in root-library-preferences-vectorworksxxxx.plist delete this and try again. that solved some issues we had with some other phenomenons.
  19. and sad to mention that this bug is still available in vw2022...
  20. It seems to me, that Redshift is not releasing the gpu memory after finishing a render. As a result textures are not rendered. An advantage, compared to other apps, it uses multiple gpu´s 😉 Both Radeon RX are external GPU´s. See the two screenshots.
  21. I have attached a custom database, that uses pop-up entries to define special needs for BIM workflow. When i attach the database to an IFCProxy as a custom pset, the pop-up fields do not appear anymore. They are normal textfields. Something i am doing wrong or a known issue? See the screenshots. The first one is the edit window in the database itself. The second when it´s selected in the OIP to edit the IFC entries.
  22. Hi Dave, i have attached the file to my post. thx for having a look. IES_in_VW_bjoerka_v2022.zip
  23. i got a code inside the serviceselect portal. but that is worth for 6 month... not perpetual
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