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  1. Francesco, You can make a PIO regenerate on a move bychecking the Reset on Move of the PIO under the Object Properties under Create Plug-In... If I understand to correctly you can do want you wanted. Dave
  2. Join the club of disappointed/irritated users. NNA makes Vectorscript more powerful each release, they also make it harder to learn, especially for the new comers. Good luck learning VS and ask a lot of question here or on the vs email list. Thereare a lot of helpful vscripters Fuge [ 08-14-2002: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  3. Just a suggestion: Since you have symbols nested within a symbol you cannot just scale your symbol. Your only real way around this is to duplicate the symbol you want to scale. "Edit" the new symbol and "Convert to Group" within the symbol definition. If your symbol is a hybrid (2d and 3d) then be warned that Converting to group will destroy the 3d part if your in top/plan or the 2d part if your in a 3d view when doing the "Convert to Group". So this may not totally help you. Also note that the reference to the original symbols are broken. Dave
  4. I run VW9.5.2 OSX and only see VW slow down after doing a "Convert to lines" on a layer that has a lot of stuff on it. It seems the slow down to me may be related to specific commands within VW's. Rebooting VW's always seems to resolve the slow down issue.
  5. Vectorscript doesn't give you a way to suppress dialog boxes. Gotta hit the button... Big wishlist item... Dave [ 08-01-2002: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  6. Not sure exactly how your doing your routine,but what I would try is this: Not pretty and may vary slightly, and not tested, but I don't think there's many choices here. - Good Luck! 1. Make sure your in Top/Plan2. Insert the symbol you want to copy into your page.3. Enter Edit Symbol4. Copy the 2d part of the symbol5. Exit Symbol6. Delete the symbol off the page7. Paste in place onto the page8. Create a new Symbol9. Delete your new symbol off the page10. Insert the original symbol back on the page.11. Enter Top view12. Enter Edit Symbol13. Copy the 3d part of the symbol14. Exit Symbol15. Delete the symbol off the page16. Insert the new symbol back into my page.17. Enter Edit Symbol for my new symbol again18. Paste in place the copied 3d part from the original symbol19. Exit the symbol.
  7. Try hitting the Escape key as the file is just completing "verifying file..." it should stopit from rendering. Fuge
  8. Note that you can delete sheets by accident if you have the Saved Sheets script palette active and you do "Cut" Command X.mac, Control X Windows. If the last thing you selected was something on a script palette, kiss it goodbye. Even if you see "Cut" grayed out in the Edit menu it still works on scripts on a script palette. BTW, Copy and Paste also work the same... Fuge
  9. To Create a Windows Resource image using Resedit on Mac 1. Open Resedit and create a new resource file from the "File" Menu - "New..." name your file with a .rsr extension.2. Create a picture resource in your resource file by going to the "Resource" menu - "Create New Resource" When the dialog box appears choose "PICT from the list or type "PICT" in the text box hit OK.3. Copy and paste a pict picture into the for most window that appears.4. Note the title of the window, should be something like PICT ID= 128 from your file name. Keep track of the number this pict resource is. That number is the number used byCreateControl(lEditID,5,1,'SplashImage',128);5. Close all the windows and save your file.6. Transfer your file to a PC using the same technique as with workspace files. See Tech Note:http://www.nemetschek.net/support/technotes/025.htmlAlso check the Vectorscript exampleAlign Selected Objects here:http://www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/example.html HTHFuge [ 07-26-2002: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  10. No way to do it. I asked NNA years ago to add that ability. Fuge
  11. OK So you guys may not want to support ODBC because the amount of development required for 2 platforms would be a nightmare, etc and so on... Why not then set the standard for XML/XSLT and CAD. XML/XSLT is starting to be incorporated into every database and accounting program and web development suite. To my knowledge there is no CAD XML/XSLT library standard defined yet. When you see someone hit a button in Filemaker and MS Excel launches and pops up with a perfectly formatted report completely delivered from Filemaker you can't help see the power of XML/XSLT in Filemaker. Why don't you guys be the leaders here? This is your chance to define XML/XSLT for CAD. XML is that independent translator that can work across platforms and talk to any application before long. Seems a natural extension of VectorScript as well. This all could be a great conduit to creating web content right from VW's with a click of a button. For more info check out this Filemaker linkto see where I'm going with this:http://www.filemaker.com/xml/
  12. The resource file for Windows is actually the same file your looking at on the MAC. The resource for the Windows version actually needs to be created on the MAC and brought over to the Windows Machine. Just like with Workspace files the resource file for Windows is the resource folk of the Mac file. Use the following technique for the Resource file as described for Overlays (Workspace File)http://www.nemetschek.net/support/technotes/025.html HTHDave
  13. I don't think there's a way of doing that within a PIO. It would be nice to do. If it can be done it would be done with an array somehow. Again having someone from NNA step in and clarify or give us an example would be nice. Fuge
  14. Just remove the section -----------------if xymid then begin {box drawn bottom to top}temp:=y1;y1:=y2;y2:=temp;end;------------------The script should work fine without it.The xymid was not declared as a variable. Dave
  15. Fuge

    Basic plug-ins

    The reason for the lack of VectorScript help from anyone at NNA isbecause the few guys that do it in-house are buried in work. Second NNAjust refuses to put any resources towards VS because they think NO oneuses it. So why bother supporting the their users. All the newer VW's userson this board who would like to learn it and use it don't have a shot inhell, honestly. How could you possibly learn with what NNA provides, you can't.Also now that VS is an in-house development tool NNA doesn't want anyoneto know how they created any of their plug-ins and lock them so everyoneis SOL. Examples are by far the best way to learn how to write VS. Along time ago NNA provided books with examples of how to write VS. The book Ihave from MC version 4 is still the best piece of information I haveabout writing VS. Yea outdated now, but far better than what available now. The bottom line is NO one will adopt VS if NNA doesn't give it's users theability to learn it. Makes you question if they do want you to learn it doesn't it? Eversince NNA started using VS as the in-house development tool did the openscripts and books go away. It also answers why they decided to add somany new features to VS as well, the in-house guys needed it. The reason I try and spend time answering questions about VS on this board is because I know your not going to get answers from NNA. I feel for the people whorealize the power in VS but don't have a clue as to where to start. Youcan count on 1 hand the number of times anyone from NNA has answered aquestion about VS on this board. Goes back to the support... it aint there! I find the argument were not going to put support to something people don't usea poor excuse. You have to have the egg before you can have the chicken. You canlead a horse to water, time and time again, but you can't make them drink. It would not cost NNA a great deal of money to have someone one really watch the board and answer VS questions as well as provide examples. Also who would pay another 20 bucksfor a VS book to go along with the next VW's release, I sure would, and I already know VS. My 2 CentsFuge [ 07-03-2002: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  16. Ray, I couldn't agree more on this one. It neverfails your missing a piece of the puzzle to complete whatever it is your doing. Every Get()should have a Set(). Dotting the "i" and crossing the "t"'s sure wouldn't hurt. Note my GetProject(); request under wishlist items a prime example. Dave
  17. That's a Vectorscript error...Odd that you haven't seen it until upgrading to 9.5.2 It basically means that the array within Print Sheets may have not been defined correctly. If the array is defined to handle say 32 variables and you tell it to handle more than that then you get the outside array limits error. Probably a question for techsupport.
  18. Not sure if this helps your dialog question but,try this:---------------Procedure Testdialog;VARmystring:STRING;BEGIN mystring:= StrDialog('Enter Something',''); message(mystring);END;Run (Testdialog);------------------If you leave the string field blank the dialog box will not dismiss. Something has to be typed inor the cancel button must be clicked. With domenutextbyname the way your trying to call each rotate menu item needs to be done a little differently. check out the domenutextbyname constants at: http://www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/functionref/VSFunctionReference.html Fuge
  19. You can't pick tool modes in VS. Fuge
  20. Try using SetTool(-200); I think that works. Dave
  21. If you want to set an object tool and set active attributes by clicking on an object on the screen, that can be done for all the simpler objects. ccroft has the right idea about get/set and getobject type/ set tool. Writing the script wouldn't be too hard to write, just a bit of time. Go for it ccroft, I'll help if you get stuck.
  22. It sounds like someone just did a "Custom Tool/ Attribute..." from the Organize menu. Custom Tool/ Attribute just records the items checked and then resets them when you run the script. If I'm correct, that's a no brainer. Here's an example.HTHDave----------------------------------------Procedure CustTool;VAR Name:STRING;Result:BOOLEAN;BEGIN PushAttrs;FillFore(255);FillBack(39);FillPat(1);PenFore(4);PenBack(0);PenPat(2);PenSize(40);PenPat(2);Marker(0, 0.125000, 15); NameClass('None');Layer('Layer-1');CallTool(-203);PopAttrs;END;Run(CustTool);
  23. Try ThisDave-------------------------Procedure Numberthem;CONSTkRecName='MyRecord';kRecField='MyField'; VARobjhandle:HANDLE;NumberString:STRING;Num,x,y:REAL; BEGINNum:=RealDialog('Enter a starting number:','1');GetPt(x,y);Objhandle := PickObject(x,y);while Objhandle <> NIL doBeginSetRecord ( Objhandle , kRecName );NumberString:=Num2Str(0 , Num); SetRField ( Objhandle , kRecName , kRecField , NumberString );Num:=Num+1;GetPt(x,y);Objhandle := PickObject(x,y);End; END;Run (Numberthem);
  24. I don't know what exactly everyone's experience has been with VW9.x.x, but I have found working with VW 9.5.1 in OS9 to be pretty stable given that you allocate a ton of ram to it. I find VW's doesn't start working good until it's given a minimum of 300mb's. Also I jumped into OSX about 5 weeks ago and have found VW's to be even more stable there. I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised and have yet to crash VW's. Dave
  25. Thanks for the clarification Kev. The description for FSActlayer fooled two of us. Also heres the complete revised script.---------------------------------------------Procedure Numberthem;CONSTkRecName='MyRecord';kRecField='MyField'; VARobjhandle:HANDLE;NumberString:STRING;Num,x,y:REAL; BEGINNum:=1;GetPt(x,y);Objhandle := PickObject(x,y);while Objhandle <> NIL doBeginSetRecord ( Objhandle , kRecName );NumberString:=Num2Str(0 , Num); SetRField ( Objhandle , kRecName , kRecField , NumberString );Num:=Num+1;GetPt(x,y);Objhandle := PickObject(x,y);End; END;Run (Numberthem);
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